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PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 5:21 pm  Post subject: SSX: A new competition  
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Hello this is my first fanfiction on ssx. it's been a long time since I want to write my fanfic on ssx, but I hesitate. So today I decided to write it. Give me tips, suggestions or help so I can improve, all comments are welcome.(I put, characters that I imagined ^^. there will be a girl named sakura, a boy named léo.) I hope you enjoy this story! good reading .

Info about the two new riders.

DNA of Sakura:

First Name: Sakura Yamada
sizes: 5,11
Age: 17 years
Like: having fun
hair color: brown, with purple, on the tip of the hair
Eye color: minnows
Nationality: Japanese
Partner: Kaori Nishidake
Love to humiliate: Tyson Logan
Friends: Kaori, Nate, Griff, Allegra, Mac, Viggo
A crush for : Nate logan
Rival: Zoe payne
Favorite Tricks: Torpedo
Secret spot: a secret is a secret ...
Favorite foods :Lemon icecream
Interview of the rider:

Brief or underpants?

I do not prefer to answer ...

The things you broke?

My board and the boards of others too!

a last word for the fans?

The girls are the best! and boys are idiots

DNA of Léo :

First Name : Léo DeLa Pierre
Size: 5,24
Age : 18 years
Like : The snowboard
Hair color : Brown
Eye color : Blue
Nationality : Canada
Partner : Tyson logan
Love to humiliate : Sakura Yamada
Friends : Zoe , Tyson , Elise, Marisole , Eddie , Psymon ,Moby
A crush for :Elise
Rival : Sakura Yamada
Favorite Tricks: ???
Secret Spot: R&B
Favorite food : chocolate

Interview of the rider :

Brief or underpants?

Blue brief

The things you broke?

Nothing for the moment ...

Chapter 1 : The beginning
It was the moment they had all been waiting for .

After Weeks Of training and practice

They would finally know that he would have been chosen for SSX Tour 7.
In a few minutes, the 240 competitors will know who, if they will be part of the ssx team and show others what they are capable of.
Sakura: I know I'll be chosen! "says the girl with brown hair" I know I'm one of the three

??? : You dream, it will be me who will be chosen "says a guy with brown hair

She turns to see the boy

Sakura: How can you be sure of being chosen?

??? : I am the strongest snowboarder, I practice like crazy! so I'm sure to be caught!

Sakura: I also practice like crazy! then I will be taken

??? : No need to be mean, otherwise I introduce myself it's leo and you?

Sakura : I am sakura

The two rounds to face the person who will tell who are the three recruits

The man : Hello everyone, I'm here to introduce the three new recruits!

The crowd applauds eager to discover the three new recruits.
The man :Okay, I'll start, so the first rookie to join the ssx team is ... Leo!
Leo gets up to join the gentleman.
The man: Congratulations welcome to ssx team says man with a smile
Léo : Thanks you !
The man : No problem
Man: Now, I'll call the second recruits. (Sakura, she hopes she's the second) it's Sakura!
the crowd applauded very loudly,Sakura gets up and joins leo.They go out and take their belongings to go to the hotel and meet other competitors

A few moments later ...

They arrive at the hotel, they enter.

They enter the living room, they see the rest of the team sitting watching television.
The group finally meets the two new competitors.

The group learns to meet the two new competitors that Sakura looks at Tyson, he seems to have a stupid head, she knew he had a brother bigger than him, it was Nate, sakura found him more beautiful and more charming than his stupid brother.She had a crush on nate logan
But there is a difference in age that separates her from her.
Griff shook Sakura, she looked at the little child, she liked to scratch even if he was very stupid and a little crazy in his head.

Griff: Hey, what's your name? ask the child
Sakura : It's sakura
Griff gives him the list of rooms. She looks at the list.

Dear ssx boarder here is the list of rooms.

1. Mac Fraser
Roommate: Viggo
2. Allegra
Roommate: Kaori
3 Elise
Roommate: Zoé
Roommate: Psymon
5. Tyson
Roommate: léo
Roommate: Skye Simms
Roommate: Nate
Sakura A almost screamed when she saw that she was in the same room as Nate, griff noticed her reaction but she did not say anything.

Well that's all for this first chapter, I do not know if it's good or not I'd like to do better ... lol I'm not a good writer

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:33 pm  Post subject: Re: SSX: A new competition  
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Hi Freezy

Welcome to Merq :)

Great start on your story. It needs a few things checking but its a good start. It reads more like a Movie script than a book.

The story says three recruits, but you only mention two? You also seem to get him and her mixed up unless im just reading it wrong.

I hope you keep writing more :thumbsup
If it helps, try searching for some of the other Fan Fics and see how other people have written theirs.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 8:30 am  Post subject: Re: SSX: A new competition  
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Thankyou very much for your comment! it makes me extremely happy to know that you love my fanfiction.and if not, the third competitor was supposed to be Maya in the blur of SSX, but after that, I thought I was not going to put it, so I'll fix it as soon as possible. And I intend to continue to finish the story, there will be a lot of chapter. I will try to make longer chapters.And thanks again for your comment :thumbsup :) (I read some fanfiction on ssx I think others write really well I will take example on them ^^ Thank you for your help)

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:18 pm  Post subject: Re: SSX: A new competition  
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Location: With Nate logan OwO
Here is chapter two, sorry if I took the time to write it but I had to play SSX 3 to help me imagine the chapter, and also to read the fanfictions to inspire me.

All recruits go to their rooms,Sakura opens the door of the room.
She goes to the bedroom, she goes to bed, that's all she can do, the bed is soft. She just wanted to relax a moment.She slowly closed her eyes. A few moments later. She was awakened by Nate who has just arrived in the room with her suitcase

Sakura started yawning.
"Oh sorry if I woke you up," Nate says
"No problem, I'm not tired anyway," she smiled at him.
"So ... how long have you been snowboarding?" request nate
"For 2 years I love snowboarding is a passion for me"

something vibrates in sakura's pocket "excuse me"Nate nodded and headed for another room, she looks who it is.

"Hello, who are you? "asks sakura

"Hi, it's me kaori!" Sakura smiles.

"How are you kaori?"

"I'm fine and how are you with your roommate?"
"Yeah, I love him, he's cool, and how cool is your roommate?

"yes I am with my friend elise"

"and .. why did you call me, did you want to tell me something?"

"No, I just wanted to know how you were"

"I'm a little stressed for the first race tomorrow."
"Do not worry too much, me too am stressed in every race but afterwards, when i win, I feel better"
Sakura yawning

"I'm getting tired, I think I'm going to bed"

"OK Bye "
Sakura lies down on the bed, Nate arrives in the room,
"Who was it ?" request nate
"What did she want?"
"Nothing, why are you asking me questions?"
"for nothing I just wanted to know"
"Well, I'm going to sleep good night Nate"
"good night"
The next day ...

"You're tuned to Radio Big ,I'm DJ atomicka,the eyes and ears of SSX for spectators and competitors alike
broadcast live from my little sound booth with access to more than 626 mountain cameras"
"Today, competitors will participate in the snowjam race. They will have to jump and dodge the snowjam trees"

"It's just a race," said mentally sakura "calm down"

in five minutes, the first round will begin.
"Hey, what's up saku?" shouted a male voice ,she turned her head, she saw it was Nate Logan "Oh ... hey"Nate See, she was stressed."Ok, why are you stressed?"
"Well" Nate laughs, to his surprise.
"No matter, even me, I'm a little stressed before a race, do not worry," he said with a smile. She started to blush
"Yeah you're right, I want to win!" She said.
"Well if I were you, I will not have too much luck!" said a voice that Sakura knew it was Leo "you will not even cross the finish line before me," says the brown,Sakura begins to boil.
"Do not look for me because you are going to wake up a demon!" "Oh, I'm very scared!" Leo laughs

That's when a female voice speaks: Attention! The race will start in 1 minute!

"Well, as I told you, do not worry," Nate said.
Sakura nods
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the snowjam race!" The crowd howls happily."for this first round we have mac, kaori, griff, nate, leo, sakura"

The audience counted everything, shouting in unison " 3 ... 2 ... 1 GO !"
"You listen no one know remix by Unkle, let's go!"atomika launches music

the race starts Mac was the first, kaori second.
Sakura was struggling to stay in third position ,she looks behind her and sees Griffe and Leo fighting for fourth place.
she suddenly has a person go faster than she, she recognized the person that it's Nate "woah how's he going fast?" Sakura wondered
She lost sight of Nate, but she sees Mac falling, head first in the snow.She managed to stay third."Hey!" Said a childish voice "Leave room for the little guy!"
Sakura moans.

"you dream little guy" she laughs
She prepares her jump. She jumps very hard, she opens her eyes wide when she sees that she is really far from the surface. His heart misses a beat
"WOAH !!!" she screams even though no one could hear
"Hey Sakura, go faster!" said Griffin, they were fighting for third place
Sakura chuckled, "Do you want to play his griff?" He shoots his tongue
Grif and Sakura see the finish line, Leo was last, Mac fifth.

"Go ahead Sakura!" said a voice, it was kaori "You can do it!" She screamed.Sakura raises her hand and prepares to push griff
she looks at the child's face, her face seems to say "please, do not hit me, I'm a child, defenseless"
She wanted to win, but she did not want to hit, Griff, she had two solutions, the first was to hit Griff and she will have the bronze and the second and not hit and lose the race.

She decides to hit him, she gives him a shot, Griff moans "phew" he fell into the snow. She came third.
"Sakura is in third place!" says the female voice
Kaori walks towards Sakura
"You do it, I was sure you won, I'm really happy" she applauds "Thank you Kaori!"

Griff arrives in fourth place, he removes his painting. He hits the snow.
"Hey Griff, sorry for pushing you, otherwise you're fine?" "Yes, thank you I'm fine, you did well" Griff smiles despite his defeat

"Hey" a screaming voice

"Oh hi léo so you lost this race?" Sakura mocked

"Shut up, you cheated!"

"I did not cheat idiot! I just trained!" "No matter, I'll win the next race! Goodbye!"

Sakura who thought Leo loved him

Nate won gold, kaori silver, sakura bronze

She's coming home proud of her, she's still thinking about Nate wondering how he managed to win the last time.She enters the hotel lounge, she sees Nate drinking coffee while reading his newspaper

"Hey!Nate! "
"You impressed me during the race, how did you win, what is your secret!"
"I do not have a secret" he smiles "I just trained

the chimney lights the sakura room, finds it romantic, Nate looks at sakura, he was attracted to her and she was attracted to him.they bend over for a kiss, they close their eyes.
Their lips touch each other for 10 seconds. Kaori and Allegra surprise them. "So, Nate, we find love," laughs Allegra. Nate and Sakura were red with shame. "Stop," Kaori says. "They are very cute, are you ...?" Kaori asks with a smile "Uh ... no ... I ... think I'm going to sleep I'm tired" Sakura near the room. Nate touched his lips, he thought of the kiss between Sakura and him. the two girls notice "What's in Nate?" Kaori asks "This must be the first time he kisses a girl, I think," says Allegra

Nate does not answer the kaori question and he goes to his room. He entered the room where he saw Sakura already asleep. "She's beautiful," says Nate. Nate begins to feel love for her. He did not sleep at night.

That's all for this chapter 2, I had fun writing it, I hope you'll like it, I think I still have to improve ^^. tell me what you think if I had to continue or not :P ;) :thumbsup :heh

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