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 · Between The Sheets: Back 2 Back Race
 · Between The Sheets: Double Race
 · Hot Dam: Big Race
 · Mind The Gap: Double Race
 · Mind The Gap: Back-2-Back Race
 · Half Banked: Double Race
 · Half Banked: '45 Race
 · On The Rocks: Double Race
 · On The Rocks: Remix Race
 · On The Rocks: Back-2-Back Race
 · Son Of A Birch: Back-2-Back Race
 · Son Of A Birch: '45 Race
 · Son Of A Birch: Double Race
 · White Knuckles: Remix Race
 · White Knuckles: Box Set Race
 · Higher Learning: Double Race
 · Higher Learning: Back-2-Back Race
 · B&E: Double Race
 · Wild Tree Fun: Double Race
 · Wild Tree Fun: Box Set Race
 · Wild Tree Fun: Back-2-Back Race
 · Roadkill: Box Set Race
 · Last Call: Remix Race