The Merqury City Master Runs encompass the huge library of videos that we have hosted over the life of the site. There are hundreds of videos listed on the Master Runs, including high score videos for almost every track in each game, and many tutorial videos as well. We will attempt to address any questions and problems you may have when viewing the Master Runs with this page. Please see the FAQ below for any questions or concerns you may have:

1. Why am I getting an error when clicking on each Master Run?

It's probably not an error. If you are using a popular, modern browser (like Firefox 3.0 (and above), Internet Explorer 7.0 (and above), Chrome, Opera or Safari) when you click the main title of each Master Run it will attempt to embed a movie player in your browser to allow you to view the Master Run within the page. (This is often known as the "yellow bar" in many browsers.) Since many of the Master Runs are Windows Media format, a Windows Media plug-in that works in your browser is being shown, most likely at the top of the page.

For the best experience watching the Master Runs, approve this plug-in and you can view any of our movies within the page, without leaving the Master Runs. Alternatively, if you do not wish to view the video with the browser, click on the "Download" icon on each Master Run to download it and watch it on your computer with whatever media player you wish.

2. When I click to download a Master Run, it just shows up as gibberish in my browser!

Right click on the 'Download' link and select 'Save Target As' (Internet Explorer) or 'Save Link As' in Firefox, or whatever appropriate selection in your browser of choice is to download the file to your hard drive. The 'Download' link is a direct link to the media file on our server.

3. I can't get the movie to play in the browser no matter what I do!

Unfortunately, there are a whole host of problems that can keep you from viewing our Master Runs within your browser, based on browser settings, firewall settings and more. It is almost impossible to code for every eventuality when creating a video library that is not entirely flash, so our recommendation is to download them to your hard drive and watch them at your leisure. We provide the download link for each movie strictly for this possibility.

As far as media players go, you'll do best to pick one that plays Windows Media files with little problem. Our personal recommendation is VLC Player, which is an free, open-source media player known for its flexibility in viewing a wide variety of media.

4. What does "See All Videos in this Category" mean?

By default, each category in the Master Runs shows only the single, top-scoring video for a particular track. Most people are interested in seeing the highest scoring video at the time. Clicking the "See All Videos in this Category" link displays ALL high score videos for a category, meaning you may see multiple videos for the same track. The Tutorial categories do not show this link.

5. What format are the Master Runs?

Since the Master Runs were created over a period of many years, there is no single format for every movie. It largely depends on the choice of the author of the movie. Most of the movies are Windows Media Player (.wmv) format and can be played using an embedded player for your browser. There are also Quicktime movies and Youtube movies as well. Youtube movies will embed into almost any browser with little problem. You may need to download a plug-in to view Quicktime movies in your browser.

If you have any other questions head to the forum, The Gravitude Bar, and ask. Enjoy the Master Runs!