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Glitch Shortcuts

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 6:19 pm
from: gondee
Article type: Walkthrough
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Warning: These are GLITCH shortcuts -- side effects not intended by the
developers that take advantage of errors/holes in track design. THESE
If they are not faster than racing normally, I will NOT list them.
There are simply too many places to \"fall forever\" to list if they do
not provide any benefit. I will list the Target Times you can get with
these glitches if you are good enough.

I list them here simply as documentation in case you have no qualms and want
to use them to beat the computer/your opponent, what have you. Debate
the moral and ethical points of using these some other place. ;)


AUTHOR: gondee

Target Time: 2:10
The earliest known place to jump \"off\" the map, found by FirebrandX,
is immediately after the beginning of the race. Knockdown another racer
to get full-boost and turn 90 degrees to the right and boost deep into
the snow, past the stands area and boost into the deep snow. Immediately
before the game resets you, jump and do a forward flip. If you are deep
enough you will fly off the edge of the \"world\".

AUTHOR: gondee
Target Time: 2:30
The first glitch shortcut for Elysium Alps, discovered by ssx4ever, is
present along the regular shortcut after the first checkpoint. This is
the series of ledges that run along the side of the mountain far above
the regular track. If you take the upper route, near the end of the
shortcut you are descending a steady hill back onto the regular track.
If you ski up the extremely steep snow-covered hill onto the right,
you can ski OVER the top of the mountain and onto the other side.
Directly on the other side the mountain ends and you can fall into a
rather large glitch shortcut. Try manual resetting out after 30 seconds
for maximum effect.

AUTHOR: gondee
Target Time: 2:55
About halfway through the track, you come across a double ramp with
rails on either side. The LAST rail on either side of the ramp forms
out of the ground. Go past this rail, turn around, and GRIND IT BACKWARDS.
This will cause you to Fall THROUGH the ground, and you\'ll begin falling
forever. Here\'s the key: Reset after about 25-35 seconds and you\'ll skip
about 1/3 of the track!


AUTHOR: gondee
Target Time: 1:25
This glitch, discovered by FirebrandX, is at the beginning portion
of the race. Ski through the first couple of jumps, go around the first
couple of turns and Ride up the bank on the second right. Going
through the forest and onto the shortcut area here, cut to the FAR LEFT
very close to the left \"barrier\" of the track. (This barrier will look
like a line of trees, it\'s easy to discern.) Ahead is the stream that
you jump over. Ski to the FAR LEFT at the stream, and you will see two
trees in the very corner. The easiest way to jump off without the game
resetting you is to jump to the right side of the right tree in the
corner. You must clear the \"polygon bottom\" of the stream to make this
shortcut. You will soar OFF the track and into that \"fall-forever\"
nothingness. Manual-resetting as soon as you begin to see the track
again as you are falling will reset you further ahead in the race at
the earliest possible point.

AUTHOR: jonesy
MCM - Between the garage and building behind/next to it. A short path to a
roof then \"fall\" off the edge. Takes you to the bottom of the course just
before the quarter/half pipe series.

AUTHOR: FirebrandX
Target Time: 2:50
The garage glitch does indeed work. It\'s turning out to be a huge shortcut
in that I just got 2:55 on a sloppy run. The trick is to tap-jump into that
narrow gap between the garage and that other building. Then you veer to the
right and fall off the edge. After a long fall, you\'ll appear near the entrance to
the subway station with the blue ice path.


AUTHOR: FirebrandX
Target Time: 20.44
On the first lap, enter the tube slightly towards the right side.
As you float up, start rapid-firing that select button as fast as
you can. You should reset at the FINISH LINE with no laps completed!
I can get it to work just about every time now.

AUTHOR: gondee
Target Time: 17.46
There\'s another method, found by Gregory, that is much more difficult to
pull off. You must bump-pass through the polygons on the right side of the
airduct entrance. To be more specific, you must hit the narrow area to
the right of the large fan entrance, but to the left of the \"plexiglass\"
wall in the beginning of the race. If you do it right you will pass
through the fan wall, if you do it wrong you will reset. Doing it right
involves skiing slightly to the right, passing through the first wall,
and then skiing left and passing through a TINY hole through the next
wall into the finishing area. This is probably the most difficult glitch
shortcut in the game, but if you do it correctly you can get a time of
17.46 on Tokyo!

SHOWOFF GLITCH for Tokyo Megaplex:
Author: gondee
This glitch, discovered by mastersteven44, involves the ground fans
that blow the player up into the air. Using this glitch it is possible
(though by no means easy) to get scores upwards of 5 (five) million
points! Just remember: this glitch is completely evil, cheap, and
totally banned by Twin Galaxies contests. ;) It\'s provided here
simply as information, to even out the playing field between those
who may know about it and those who do not.

Immediately after the single checkpoint on Tokyo, there are four
fans placed right in a row, with one fan immediately behind it.
To access this glitch, pass the four fans, then turn around backwards
and ski towards the fan on the right (this will be on the left if
you are going forward.) Backwards, this fan is on the right.)
Ignore the single fan behind the four fans. The fan on the far
right of the four continuous fans is the one we want.

Approach the \"magic fan\" from the 7 o\'clock position (slightly
left of the bottom), and ski as slow as possible onto it. What
happens when you do this is that the fan blows you STRAIGHT up,
and when you come back down, you will land on the fan again and
be blown into the air without touching the ground. This allows you
to do Uber after Uber, endlessly. Also, immediately above this fan
is a red 5x snowflake in showoff, so if you can get this glitch
to work you can do more than a million points worth of Ubers in ONE jump.
If you catch the 5x, it will multiply your score by 5 - meaning 5 million
(or more) points.

There is one thing that makes a huge score very, very difficult to get.
If you get caught in the fan, it is near impossible to get out! Therefore,
you may get the glitch to work and do Uber after Uber for the entire time
left on the clock, and then be unable to get out and the clock will run
out, voiding your score. Expect this to happen 9 times out of 10.

However, it IS possible to get your score to register after much work from
the great SSX Tricky community. There are several things that increase your
chances to register your score. First off, you must ski onto the fan as
slowly as humanly possible, and hopefully you will float on the \"edge\" of
the fan where the wind isn\'t as strong. If you float in the middle of the
fan, it is near-impossible to get your score to register. The second thing
you must do to register your score is time an Uber so that it finishes at
the very bottom of your float. That seems to allow the boarder to float low
enough to get the score to register. Good luck.

I\'m not usually a guy that finds glitches, but I found one on Aloha Ice Jam.
Grind the first rail when you go down in Showoff, I kept grinding but didn\'t
turn. You eventually will fall off for not turning but before I fell off, I
sort of jumped off, flew over a sign, narrowly missing it and then I fell over
the cliff in front. I kept falling for 20-35 seconds but finally it puts you
back on the track but at the very end!

AUTHOR: FirebrandX
Target Time: 50 seconds
I found that I can easily initiate the glitch in racing mode by jumping in
Between the Eddie sign on the left and the arrow sign on the right. So long
as you approach at the correct angle, the glitch is a snap to get working.

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