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Radio RAAT

Released on: Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:16 am
from: Jonipoon
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Radio RAAT, Monday, 8.00 am

R = Rahzel
A = Atomika

R: Welcome to Radio RA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-T. (choppy voice, you know Rahzel)
A: Yes, we're back, and for the moment, you just heard the amazing song by the amazing artist Felix..... Daaaaaa Housecaaaat!!
R: Yeh right, Atomika. But now we're going to have our interviews eh-eh?
A: Of course... who is our guest?
R: Psymon Stark!
P: here i am...! Hahahihihhoooohohohhehehe!! hahahahhihih! ohhh eehhh hooohooo!!!!!hahahahaaaaaa aaaaaah!!!
A: Just check him out, he's pscyho.
P: what? did i heard a bug? buggy-bug? hehe?
R: Psymon, the first time I saw you walking into the SSX World Circuit, I saw pain in your face. So that's what we are going to talk about today. PAIN.
P: i LOVE that!
A: So, Psymon, what's your favorite pain?
P: Me!!!!!! what did you expect??? hihih
R: The question is... what kind of pain ARE you?
P: hard question.. allright man.. im a mix of pointy, dangerous psychotics, and ahummm....... PIKES IN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!! YEAHH thats it!!!!! two pointy sticks in your eyes.. yup!thats me!!!!
A: Okay.. enough of that.. Can you tell us a little bit more of your relationship to Kaori Nishidake?
P: She's my completley opposite! and i hate her... my highest wish is that she died.. that would be perfect.. no more screams, no more blushing cheeks, no more sweet colours... and best of all.. NO MORE K-K-K-K-K-AORI!!!!!
R: But why is she your favorite hate object?
P: Because she irritates me.. she thinks she can change me... and make me glad.. she wanted to be my friend... HEY! NO ONE LIKES ME!!! AND I DON'T WANT ANYBODY TO LIKE ME!! THEN SHE HAVE NO PERMISSION TO LIKE ME EH???!!!!!
A: Count down.. So we just forget about Kaori, okay. Why don't we ask another question.
R: Yes, this one for example. How can you do handplants when you have the sweater "Bundle Of Joy"?
P: Meditation, man!!! when i was 15 i trained yoga... and i've used it since then!!!
A: Even when you're doing the superman?
P: Yup!
A: Allrighty, Psymon. Next question. Which barber came up with your crazy hair-style?
P: Me!!! i took hair-gel and mixed it with super glue, the result became this hair-cut that still holds!! cool eh??!
R: Umm... intresting.. well Psymon, now we've reached the final question... we'll play a song now, and since you are our guest this morning, you are allowed to request a song!
P: Ahh... good question man. i simply like Prodigy, so it will be a song by them.... hummm.... take "Breathe".... its nice.. hehe...hihihihihii
A: Okay, for all ya people out there, here comes a request from Psymon, Prodigy, with "Breathe"! Enjoy!

Radio RAAT, Tuesday, 11.03 am

A: And we're back to...
R: Razhel Radio!
A: NO!
R: Oh, srry... I forgot.. I mean... RADIO RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! dunn-dunn!
A: Oh yeah.. we have two very special guests here today.. Moby and Zoeee!
R: Welcome to Radio RAAT! DUNN-DUNN!!

M = Moby
Z = Zoe

M: Heyy folks!
Z: Yaaahh dangooo!!
R: Dunn-dunn! Excuse me, I have hick-ups.
A: Ehh... very funny Rahzel... anyways! Hi Zoe. Hello Moby. How are u guys today?
M: Great..Im feelin like I rule the world!
R: That's nice.. and what about you Zoe? Been snowboarding much lately?
Z: Fine... I woke up early this morning so Im little tired, but I will try to stay spirited, like Brodi always says!
A: Hopefully that won't be a problem. So, let's start here... you're friends, you two, I know.. but I have always asked myself... And now Im asking you, for the first time in a commercial radio... Isn't it something 'going on' between you two?
M and Z: ...................................................................... ....
R: We can wait the whole day for an answer!
A: Razhel, shut your glassy mouth up.. Bad question huh? We'll take another one... it's for you Moby..
M: Oh allright..
A: How does it feel to be the only British boarder in the SSX World Circuit?
M: Well, I was very nervous in my first circuit, but then, I just let it all go.. and I won dozens of races and showoffs, doing my thing.. that's it. I've got lots of medals know, so we cannot say British boarders are bad! But to be honest, I want more British boarders to come to the tour.
Z: But wait a minute Moby.... not all British boarders are as good as you.. and by the way, the population in Great Britain is near zero..
M: Hey, we have more than that!
A: Calm down now... We must keep on the interview...
Z: OK..fine...
R: Ok, Zoe? Why do you wear clothes like a devil?
Z: To scare the other boarders... And it's working.. just look at Griff, he's peeing his pants every time.
M: It doesn't work on me..
Z: I wasn't talking to you!
M: No, but you meant me!
Z: Stop talking bullshit!


A: You always turn the interviews to disaster, Rahzel!
R: *whistles*
A: Oh great. NOW we're having fun!
R: Well, maybe we should turn this radio off for a day...o rmaybe for a whole WEEK?
A: Ehm...Sure.. but our program isn't ending yet, y'know..
R: I don't '*beep*n care... we'll be back another day...

*switch off*

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