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PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2015 4:46 am  Post subject: SSX Tricky Glitch Compilation (Constantly Updated)  
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Welcome to the Unofficial Glitch Guide for SSX Tricky
Please note this is a list of glitches, not exploits. Keep it in mind.
This is just a list of glitches which are present in SSX Tricky that I can remember. Here goes nothing...

Frame Cancel Glitch:
Whilst doing a Sad Sack with Mac/Marty, keep holding the Indy button after starting the Uber Trick, and when the Uber Trick is almost done, let go of the Indy button and you will cancel a few frames.


Wormholes are holes in the maps geometry which can potentially warp the player ahead or behind in the map, through "coursing out" manually, or if the player hits the "kill plain". They can be found through many means such as "coursing out" (manually, rarely automatically) in areas, backwards grinding, or jumping over kill plains and off the map. Doing Uber Tricks often shifts around the polygons which make the player model, and "clip" (go through) through kill plains.

The Dumpster Teleport Glitch:

In the course "Merqury City Meltdown", many of the games objects (i.e. Lamp posts, dumpsters, mail boxes, etc) have very wonky physics. They have many bizarre attributes, those being:

Over-sized hit-boxes - You can run into these objects without actually visually touching them. This can often be annoying whilst racing when you're going to go around something but smash into it or in Showoff, where many objects are placed near valuable jumps.
Random physics - Running into these objects can sometimes result in a wipe-out, or sometimes in a random boost of velocity.

When riding into garbage dumpsters quickly, there is an extremely rare chance of the players momentum being shot up extremely fast. When this happens, the player clips through all walls, objects, etc. Eventually, the player will hit a kill plain at the bottom of the map and will be placed significantly ahead in the map.

First Documentation:

Second Documentation:

As far as any site goes, there has been no further documentation of this glitch.

Unnamed Glitch #1:

This glitch does not have a name. I will not name it as it may be disrespectful to the original discoverer to name it without their permission.

Link: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9005

It is not known how this glitch is triggered. When asked how the glitch happened, the discoverer said:
I doubt I'll ever get that to happen again Joni. Like I said that happened 5 years ago, I remember I was playing freestyle on Aloha doing a rail combo and then his arm bugged out. :???

So apart from the photos, not much else is known.


Voltron - Discovered the frame cancel glitch.
PeterGlassJar (Me) - Discovered the Dumpster Teleport Glitch and put this guide together.
Obi - Discovered unnamed glitch #1.
SSX Nigel - Suggested the unnamed glitch #1.

Got any more glitches? PM me or reply to this topic, and your glitch will probably be added! You will be credited!


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PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2015 8:21 am  Post subject: Re: SSX Tricky Glitch Compilation (Constantly Updated)  
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You should put the tokyo megaplex fan glitch, even though everybody already knows it. There is also a glitch that Obi found, which made mac's arm look like Dhalsim from street fighter. See it here:

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