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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 1:08 am  Post subject: Respect in General  
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What are some thoughts you have about respect, assuming we talk about the "holding someone in esteem; "revering" a person" meaning? How important do you think respect is, particularly the respect you have for others? What can someone do to gain/lose your respect, personally?


PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:00 pm  Post subject: Re: Respect in General  
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Respect is fundamental for creating maintaining healthy relationships in your life. Mutual respect is crucial is friendships, for instance, where respect is a vital component in a relationship.

I also find that respect stems from agreement in ways of living our lives; our values concerning lifestyle is in agreement with his/her values. Let´s say I have a friend. I´ve known him/her for a couple of years, and we´ve had a positive relationship, although we´ve been facing some ups and downs along the way. It then turns out that this person exhibits some values that I can´t relate to that I didn´t know anything about, or maybe his/her values change, and it´s really shocking to me. It could drive us apart, as we don´t agree on certain crucial aspects of life.

I think there´s a correlation between the people we don´t like and the people we respect. We are more likely to want to be around people we respect, and likewise, around people we like. Then again, I may not share the same taste in music as another person, but it does not mean that I don´t respect that person. In fact, a country music guy with a heart of gold may have my deepest respect, but I still hate that genre. :heh

Losing respect stems from using TAS videos and claiming they were done normally btw :lol


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