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PostPosted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 12:20 pm  Post subject: stupid online  
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so, for some reason my ps2 up and decided to stop recognizing my ISP settings properly. I sat down and fixed it, not knowing really why it started in the first place, but finally got the ISP settings to work. Then i got a DNAS error 613... a nice big generic "networking error" message. great. So I called SCEA and talked to 2 of probably the LEAST helpful people in the world. Here's some examples of what went on in our conversations....

Him: "Is your ISP automatic or manual?"
Me: "Ummm.... it has DHCP if that's what your asking"
Him: "Well.... ummm... I..... see, some ISP's give their customers different IP addresses every month which is usually called automatic, instead of giving all their customers sta---"
Me: "Yeah, that's DHCP. I just told you, I have that" *this guy blatantly doesnt know what he's talking about*

Me: "So just for the heck of it, what ports does sony officially recommend I open? I have my ps2 in the DMZ right now but for lack of options I can try taking it back out and just opening ports"
Him: "sure, let me put you on hold"
Him: "sorry about that... now I have a question, are you testing this through the game or through the network adapter setup disk?"
Me: "I've tried both. What were those ports I needed to open?"
Him: "let's just try going back to the Network adapter startup disk and try something again...." *I was completely and utterly ignored on this, I never got an answer*

The stupidity was far more rampant than just these 2 cases, but after calling SCEA twice and getting these 2 brain surgeons I decided not to bother wasting any more time trying to talk to anyone else.

Oh, and for anyone who has a wireless home network... Sony says they dont support wireless equipment. The one guy pretty much put the brakes on our call when he found that out, told me he really couldnt help me much more other than recommend I plug the ps2 into the cable modem directly. sigh. so much incompetence in the world, not enough guns to eliminate it all.

:mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad

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