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PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 6:19 pm  Post subject: SSX 3 Complete Song list help?  
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So I rediscovered SSX 3 and it's amazing soundtrack, but the problem is I've lost my folder of the complete soundtrack years ago. The official OST only has 12 songs and the list from the manual has 34 songs(not including in house made music from EA like the themes). My google searching led me to this thread(and site) and it even has an extra song listed. Using the search function on this site even led me to another song! 36 songs so far, but is there more? Well there is still the intro/peak themes right? And the Loading Screen and Main Menu music too, but where to get it all? I obviously still have my copy of SSX 3 but I've no knowledge of using the emulator to attempt to rip the tracks straight from the game.

Ripping tracks from the game doesn't seem to be that easy either, I can't find a really good way of doing it and some say that certain games will encode the games audio oddly and I might even get bad quality rips anyway, so what can I do? Most results I've gotten seem to lead to me straight recording the game with the game open on my emulator, but not every song plays start to finish and some loop. Official sources only go so far, so I turn to you guys. Do any of you have a complete folder of the songs or can help me get what I need? I am a bit of a audiophile so I'm trying this route before I go downloading shady mp3s in questionable qualities and bitrate.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 10:48 am  Post subject: Re: SSX 3 Complete Song list help?  
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Hi bhk3

Apart from the list in the knowledge base link below, there are no audio links or other references that I know of sorry.


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