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PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:05 pm  Post subject: Unique Challenges  
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SSX 3 being played vanilla or for high scores/good times in the typical sense is fun, lots of fun. But there are some peculiar, but I believe fun, challenges that would really give someone a new chance to experience the game in a different way. I'm intending to do some of them sometime down the line. A few of them include:

No boost all golds/plats challenge
Only left stick (race only)
Freestyle race (with own "medals")
Race freestyle (with own "medals")
0 snowflake All Peak Race/Jam/all golds/plats run (these are hard, all plats is very hard)
Complete game (not 100%, just finish one of the four aspects, racing, freestyle, freeride, or earnings) in high speed (emulator only, most likely 2x usual speed)
Every 20/30 seconds, for 10 seconds, no buttons or sticks on the controller may be touched. Essentially, it's like dropping the controller for 10 seconds. During those 10 seconds, the game is left completely to its own devices.

Anyone have any others? It'd be really fun to add to the list, though I am most likely not going to do them all. (Don't even know if I can do them all, the last three are probably really difficult) Playing the game in new, peculiar ways adds a sense of wonderful discovery. They do not have to be timed, but they certainly can be. ^^


Left stick only (all race events gold or better): 1:46:39 ( - Ruthless Ridge, Gravitude and The Throne are long because P1, P2 and P3 Race is the same segment as them. Two platinums, on Ruthless, 3:08 and on Gravitude, 2:31. My APR time was 23:11.)


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