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PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:32 am  Post subject: Back at school!  
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Who has back in school? What are you classes?

This is what school died to my newphew and surived

PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 12:49 pm  Post subject: Re: Back at school!  
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Funny ass picture

Here's what I'm takin':
World Geography - I like geography a lot so I thought this would be fun. It is, but the class encompasses more than I thought. We haven't talked about political boundaries at all yet. And my fascination with that is why I took it. She talks about so much and really knows it. Great class. Taught by a cute newlywed girl.

The Symbolism of Evil - Now here's a pretty weird class. In a good way. It's my first philosophy class and it is pretty much listening to this guy's opinions and assumptions but it's interesting and so is he. Last class he said "The evil is when you think you've done all you need to do and you're good. You got your spot.". I want to see what the hell a test is going to look like now. If it's a paper, I think it'll be fun. Taught by a funny old ass Jewish guy.

Business Strategy - In this class, students are divided into 5 groups (fictional businesses) which will jockey for position. This is a good simulation kind of class. Taught by a cool Baby Boomer.

Advanced Management Information Systems - Talking about stuff like business processes and systems and all that good stuff. Nothing hard and I've had the professor before. Lanky ass white guy.

Operations Management - Talking about how to make sure projects go as planned and more. It may not seem so, but it's different from the last subject I was talking about. Taught by a guy who rarely smiles but knows his shit. He gives so much fucking online homework though. Gotta catch up on that tomorrow. But I'll probably end up procrastinating. <--- Maybe if I didn't expect to procrastinate I wouldn't. Damn I just gotta shut the fuck up and do it.

Management of Corporate Finance - This shit gets me looking like the after picture of your nephew. I failed this last semester. Now the class seems like it has all different content. It now is heavily focused on Accounting shit, which I never understood and cheated my way through. We can't bring a paper with formulas. I need to learn the balance sheet and income statement and financial ratios. Terms go in groups and some are part of a set or subset and I can't understand it for the life of me. I really don't understand how anyone could. And I don't think there's enough amphetamine in the world to get me to learn it. It is infuriating. Taught by an arrogant African.

3 hard classes, 3 I ain't worried about.

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