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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:46 pm  Post subject: GLaDOS Day [Date Name Here]  
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I wrote this in about half an hour to tide over me and a friend as we watch the countdown

so, no spellchecks or grammer, just half hour of faffing about in Word.

The sound of distant water droplets hitting the floor far away was the only sound in the decrepit chamber.

Ferns, ivy and moss crowded around the room, crawling over aging machinerary, the white glossy surface soiled and tarnished from years of rot. Somewhere a chunk of rock split above you, sending a bundle of cables and some rubble crashing down beside you. The noise and danger blew through you, your heart racing, the feeling of blood throbbing in your wrists.

You breathed a sigh of relief. It was just decay. Far behind you, Wheatly was glancing nervously around on his pedestal. “hang on, we shouldn’t be here.” His voice echoed around the room. “look, the lift is hackable, I’ll just crack the code, and we’ll be off. Don’t touch anything!” he said.

You ignored him, picking your way around the leftover wreckage of the small ledge that held the incinerator button in its grasp. You found the button, far from its resting place on the ground, a tendril of ivy wrapped around it from a nearby crack in the tile flooring.

You kicked it, filled with arguing feelings about that day.

The button rattled, hollow as it may be, it held a lot of merit. You shifted your gaze up to the hollow machine above you, GLaDOS.

Or what was left of her.

The once proud machine seemed… limp in its place. Her usually prone and taught form dangling from her generator above, many of the cables swaying in a breeze around her, unconnected to anything else. The hollow shell like part above her head was empty, devoid of its usual glowing pieces of computer parts, instead grime was seeping its way through her systems, slowly but surely dismantling her.

But, that was the weird bit, you thought as you heard Wheatly doing his best to activate the elevator. When she died, the entire chamber was ripped up, torn apart, her body flailing, gyroscopic parts splaying out like a pinwheel. The entire room sucked into a white glow.

And, you were outside, you saw her lying there next to you, her decapitated form dragged across the parking lot before you got dragged back down.

So how is she still here?

You hefted up a rock, juggling it in your hand, turning your sights back towards GLaDOS. You paused, and sighed, your shoulders falling.

The rock hit the ground with a quiet clatter.

You shook your head, the apathy of the experience haunting you.

You walked sluggishly back to Wheatly on the platform, still attempting to crack the code.

“right, so that’s A-A-B-E” a large buzzer sounded, and Wheatly’s outer ring rotated in disappointment.

“Oh, hi there.” He said to you. “done your nostalgia trip?” you shrugged. “yeah, enough to remember.” You glanced at him, averting your attention from the still meanacing GLaDOS. “shouldn’t you be trying actual words first? Just suggesting” Wheatly’s face contorted, the inner ring and outer ring spinning and closing, making his eye seem suspicious and offended. “You can’t be too careful luv, lets try this again. A-A-B-F” the buzzer sounded again. He scoffed in disappointment. “though’ I had it that time”

You found a piece of what looked to be wall, and rolled it onto the elevator, just staring at GLaDOS, your gaze oft shifting to the incinerator.

you grabbed the portal device from the ground, inspecting the odd thing. You turned it over, wondering how it could work. You turned it over, inspecting the black tube on the underside. It wasn’t particularly heavy, and it was still firing when you found it. How does it get its power?

Turning it over still, a blue portal sphere tore out of the gun with a PHUT. It hit the far chamber wall, a blue tear opening into a fuzzy expanse, lacking the orange portal. Wheatly turned his blue eye over to you, scrutinising. “I wouldn’t do that at all, don’t want to set that nasty work off.” He said, motioning towards GLaDOS.

You leaned back into the wall, closing your tired eyes, letting Wheatly do his work.

You woke up later, the ominous white light from the top of the concrete chamber hadn’t shifted at all. Time never seems to pass in this place, it could be three in the morning for all you know.

“C-A-K-E” Wheatly said, his eye shifting in place. You gazed up at GLaDOS, her still limp body hanging pathetically still beneath the gigantic discs above her. “no, I feel like that did something though” Wheatly said, doing his best to look behind himself. He shook his eye. “no, doesn’t seem to be anything ‘round here.” He said. “well then, C-A-K-F”

The buzzer sounded again.

A small dim whirring sound eminated from the wall behind you, you leaned up, alert. You stood, grabbing the portal device. Glancing around, it sounded like a slow air conditioner far away. “wheatly” you snapped. “you hear that?” he glanced at you. “what? That whirring? Sounds like cooling to me, now stop interrupting. C-A-L-B” the buzzer sounded again.

Somewhere far above a hydrolic ram started, your heart sputtered and throbbed, and GLAaDOS’s eye shot on.

Adrenaline tore through your chest.

No, she couldn’t be.

You stood straighter, the portal device and your arms falling limp by your side. Both angered and afraid, you watched as the giant disks above GLaDOS started to move, a screeching grind of rusted metal being torn in half tore through the air, a cloud of rust falling from Her.

They spun faster, and they whirred as machinerary started and electric motors purred. “no no no!” wheatly shouted. “maybe I can hack it, hang on!” his eye spun at frantic speed as he tried. “A-A-A-A” the buzzer was drowned out by the scream of old machinery as GLaDOS’s torso began to lift, small lights in her body glowing blue. “A-A-A-C” the buzzer was again drowned out. “dammit! Wait, I didn’t do B did I? are you writing these down?” he called over the noise.

The ivy by your feet whipped from under you as GLaDOS rose and twisted, falling over herself like a possessed doll. Finally she straightened, the roar of cooling fans and machinery quieting so that they could speak quietly. “ok ok, don’t panic, we’ve done nothing wrong” Wheatly said. “hello!”

GLaDOS stiffened, her neck twisting and convulsing as she turned to stare at you.

“oh. Its you.” She said spitefully. “you know her?” wheatly asked. You shook your head and shot him a nasty look. “how have you been?” she asked. “I think she likes you.” Wheatly said. You bit the air in front of you in his direction. “quiet!” you hissed.

“you know, I’ve been really busy, being dead. After you murdered me?” GLaDOS snapped. “you did what?” Wheatly reeled. GLaDOS sighed of her own accord, as you said nothing. “look, we’ve both said thing that you’re going to regret, but I think we can put our differences behind us. For Science. You monster” she said, staring right at you.

The floor of the elevators shot open, throwing wheatly away, the ground disappearing beneath your feet. As you fell, a strange blue beam caught you, and you could just make out Wheatly yelling “no! Chell! Aw dammit, no!”

The blue beam dropped you into a pile of cardboard boxes in one of the matenence hallways you found before. The wall opened as a robotic arm shifted aside the black paneling, showing a worn down test chamber.

The wall behind you slammed into you, throwing you into the room, you landed on your hands and knees, the blow sending pain through your entire body, your wrists in particular.

You turned and saw the portal gun next to you, the wall slamming shut behind you. The invisible speakers sparked and staticed, and GLaDOS’s voice filtered through the room.

“Well then [Subject name here] once more, with feeling!” she said giddily.

You hissed, brandishing the portal gun up to your face, taking in the challenge ahead.

“once more.” You agreed.

“but not again.”

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