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PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:42 pm  Post subject: New story a friend requested.....  
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OK, this one is a bit out of the ordinary, so let me explain. A friend of mine, who happens to be gay, asked me if I could write a Brodi story that had him leaning more in that direction. Here's the catch: I can write relationships between men and women, and even women and women...but men and men, well, face it, I have no direct experience other than the friends I have, and hey it's not THAT kind of experience. Anyway, I'm starting off's what I've come up with so far, tell me what you think.


Brodi stepped through the door of the lodge gym, trying to mask his
sour mood as he waved to Zoe and Moby as they spotted each other on
free weights. They returned the wave, and he heard Moby shout out a
“Hey, Mate!” before they turned away again. His smile disappeared as
they turned away. He really did not want to be here.
“Accept it, Brodi,” he told himself. “Embrace it.”
He knew that fighting his mood would only prolong it. Better to
accept it and move through it rather than waste energy pretending he
felt any way other than he did. He was going to need that energy to
endure the micromanaging of his time that was sure to follow.
“Ah, welcome back, Mr. Ford. Can I offer you a towel?”
Brodi was mildly startled by the sudden appearance of the staff person
in front of him, but recovered quickly.
“Ah, thank you, Jeff. No, I’ve got everything I need. Thank you.”
“Well, just let me know. Very good to have you back with us.”
Brodi nodded kindly and held a sigh in until after the smaller man had
walked off. Yeah, this was going to be fun.
Brodi had just started going back to the gym for workouts after his
accident when the whole stalking episode had happened. Then he had
just stopped going to the gym altogether. He did plenty of workouts
on his own in his room, even had some of his own equipment for
whatever yoga, calisthenics, and jogging the local trails couldn’t
provide. Physically, he was a strong as he’d ever been, but he’d
never been taken off of medical leave. It was then that Rahzel had
dropped the bomb.
Two things had to happen before he would be allowed to be an active
part of the team again. The first requirement was seeing a therapist
specializing in rape trauma. Brodi had agreed to that reluctantly;
he’d done rather well for ten years, and felt he could regain his
equilibrium on his own again. The second requirement was the reason
he was here. Rahzel had informed him that he needed to do at least
two workouts a week in the lodge gym. Brodi suspected this was
Rahzel’s way of forcing him back into the social scene on the
mountain, but hadn’t argued the point with him.
He was actually surprised that he didn’t see Rahzel, he thought almost
bitterly as he crossed the center and chose an available floor mat.
He tossed his towel down in front of him and extended himself into a
deep forward bend, pressing his hands solidly into the floor. He was
just starting to pull himself upright again when he heard someone call
his name.
“Brodi! Glad you could make it, dude!” Rahzel called out as he made
his way towards Brodi. He stopped short in front of Brodi, giving him
time to find his balance.
“I told you I’d do it.” Brodi said simply. “You know I’m a man of my
Rahzel pulled his shoulders back and took a deep breath, but Brodi
knew the man wasn’t trying to be intimidating. Most people looked
small next to Brodi, but Rahzel was one of the few exceptions. Rahzel
was a big, muscular mountain of a man, and he often used his size to
emphasize his authority. He’d never had to use it to rein Brodi in,
“I know you are. I’m not here to check up on you, bro. I’m here to
introduce you to someone.”
Brodi sighed patiently. “Rahz….”
“Come over to the offices with me. There’s someone you need to meet.”
Brodi took a deep breath and, picking up his towel, followed Rahzel
back across the gym and behind the front desk into the gym offices.
Sitting behind the desk on the phone was a young dark-haired man of
about 30, wearing a dark blue tank that seemed ill-fitted to his
muscled chest. But then maybe that was the point, thought Brodi. A
couple of the staff really liked to show off their muscles. But, he
was judging prematurely, Brodi decided, and that seemed unfair.
The man stood as they entered revealing a surprising height, but he
seemed more surprised by Brodi’s height since he still had to look up
an inch or two to meet his eyes.
“Rahzel! This must be Mr. Ford.”
Blue Tank stuck out his hand in greeting, which Brodi returned
“Brodi, please.”
“Brodi, then. I’ve heard a lot about you; it’s a pleasure to finally
meet you.”
“Brodi, this is Daniel Brussels. Danny, as you’ve already surmised,
this is Brodi Ford. Brodi, Danny is going to be your personal trainer
until you’re released from medical leave.”
Brodi glanced uneasily from Rahzel to Danny. “Personal trainer?”
Danny nodded. “Yes. Why don’t we sit down and talk?”
“Rahz, would you like to enlighten me as to why I need a personal
Rahzel suddenly looked uncomfortable, and turned around and closed the
door. When he turned back to them, his face had regained composure,
but he still seemed tense.
“Let’s have a seat, my man.” He began, offering Brodi the seat nearest
the door in a subtle attempt to put him at ease. Management
technique, Brodi knew: put the employee being counseled in the chair
nearest the door so they don’t feel trapped or attacked. Brodi
managed to not roll his eyes as he sat down.
“I take it you, uh, haven’t talked to him about this.” Danny stated
nervously as he sat down himself in the chair across from Brodi.
Brodi forced himself to hold back a snarky comment.
“No, not yet.” Rahzel replied. He had taken the seat next to Brodi in
case he needed to intervene, the surfer realized. “Wanted to make sure
we could book you first. And since you just showed up today…”
“Ah, I see.”
“Well, please, someone explain it to me, because I’m on the verge of
being fairly unhappy here.” Brodi said, a little more sharply than he
had intended.
A brief but heavy silence followed. Brodi waited to see who was
going to speak up first, and out of the corner of his eye he saw
Rahzel nod to Danny, who cleared his throat.
“Mr. Fo…Brodi, I work with trauma victims. Not just self-defense, but
also in designing workouts that facilitate healing and self-
Brodi dropped his head into his hands and sighed heavily. “Here we go
Immediately he felt Rahzel’s heavy hand on his back.
“Brodi, you need to work with Danny.”
“What I NEED,” Brodi said sharply as he looked up, “is to stop being
known as “Brodi, the rape victim.” I can’t get past that label now.
EVERYBODY knows what happened. People are awkward around me; they
don’t know what to say, don’t know what to do. Elise and Nate are the
only two people I can even come CLOSE to having a normal conversation
“And that’s going to CONTINUE to happen if you don’t stop isolating
yourself. Can’t you see that?”
Rahzel leaned forward in his chair and rested a hand on Brodi’s knee.
“Brodi, I’m not doing this to punish you or ostracize you in some
way. I want to help you. You have had an intense year. Not only are
you having to deal with physical issues you’ve never had to deal with
before, but this nightmare from your past comes waltzing in here out
of nowhere. Maybe,” Rahzel paused a moment, causing Brodi to look up.
“Maybe if you had been physically healthier when she showed up, it
wouldn’t have sent you into such a tailspin. But dude, you have to
face facts. You’re having nightmares, which means you’re not sleeping
well. You’re having flashbacks, and I know of at least twice where
Elise has needed help to pull you back out of them.”
“I’m working on that.”
Rahzel stood and rested a hand on Brodi’s shoulder. It was meant to
be a comforting gesture, but right now Brodi only found it
irritating. Rahzel was not generally a touchy-feely person, and Brodi
guessed he was only doing it because he was really concerned. It
didn’t help him feel any better about it, though.
“I know you are.” Rahzel said, removing his hand as Brodi tensed up.
“And Danny can talk to Andrea, if you like, so he has a good idea of
what needs to happen. But only if you want. I want you to understand
Brodi sighed heavily at the mention of his therapist’s name. He liked
Andrea well enough, but part of him wondered if the therapy sessions
were just prolonging his ordeal rather than helping him heal from it.
“I’m going to go,” Rahzel said, giving Brodi’s shoulder a squeeze.
“Stay here and talk to Danny. Just, try it for a week or two?”
“Good man. You two work out something, then I expect the two of you
to meet me in lobby at 4pm. Elise will be there, too, and we’ll all
go have dinner. Danny, thank you for coming.”
Rahzel left without saying another word or waiting for a reply from
either man.
Left alone with each other, the two men felt suddenly awkward.
“It’s nothing personal,” Brodi began. “Just a bit…uhm….”
“Unexpected,” Danny said helpfully. “I understand. I didn’t realize
that someone other than you had requested a personal trainer, nor did
I know that you hadn’t been told. I am sorry.”
Brodi raised a hand up in dismissal. “Nothing for you to apologize
for. Like I said earlier, my past has kind of intruded into my
present unbidden, and I find that other people don’t quite know how to
deal with it. Rahzel is the type who wants to fix things. He’s a
“And he can’t fix this.” Danny offered as he stood and leaned against
the front of the desk. “It’s normal. But you probably already know
that, don’t you? Would it help if I tell you what my qualifications
are? Since it would seem that you are stuck with me for at least a
couple of weeks.”
Brodi leaned back in the chair and looked up at the man in front of
him. He was just as stuck in this awkward situation, Brodi realized.
They might as well make the most of it.
“Sure, why not. Might as well get to know each other.”

Chapter 2

Danny flashed a brilliant smile at Brodi and sat in the chair that had
been vacated by Rahzel. This meeting hadn’t started out as well as
he’d hoped, but perhaps something could be salvaged. He made a mental
note to talk to Rahzel privately a little later. Regardless of how
helpful something might be, it was never a good idea to force a trauma
victim into something. Choice was completely taken away by the person
who harmed them to begin with; it was wrong to remove choice when it
came to healing from that trauma. To go from victim to survivor, the
victim had to reclaim her, or in this case his, own power. To impede
that, Danny knew, was not only wrong but deeply harmful.
Still, the man beside him was calm and willing to talk, and that was a
true testament to what was at his core. Maybe if he began slowly
enough, he could convince Brodi to give the training a chance.
“I started out as an RN,” he began, “but working in the hospitals on
the cardiac units made me decide that I’d rather try to help people
before they arrived at a crisis point. I ventured into nutrition and
have taken several courses in that area. I’m also certified to teach
yoga, pilates, aerobics, and weight training.”
“I see.” Brodi said simply. Danny knew he wasn’t trying to be rude,
just was having trouble getting enthusiastic about this situation.
“I believe in continuously learning. I also have a bachelor’s degree
in psychology. I had an internship at a women’s shelter one semester,
and that got me interested in trauma recovery. It’s kind of led me
where I am today. Do you have any questions for me?”
“I volunteer at the local rape crisis center.” Brodi said absently.
“Did volunteer, that is.” He corrected himself after a brief silence.
“You don’t now?”
Brodi shook his head.
“Not for a few weeks now.”
“Too painful?”
Brodi leaned back and closed his eyes. “Something like that.” He
opened his eyes again and looked at Danny sadly. “Wouldn’t really do
someone in crisis a whole lot of good if the person who is supposed to
be helping them slips into a full-fledged flashback, now, would it?”
“I suppose not.” Danny acknowledged. “Why don’t you tell me about the
flashbacks. What are they like for you?”
Brodi shrugged. “I don’t have many clear memories of them, and the
ones I do have are pretty varied. Anything from brief feelings that
come out of nowhere to full-on reliving an experience.”
“Sounds terrifying.”
“Every bit as much as it was the first time.” Brodi replied as he
stood suddenly. “Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but aren’t we
supposed to be training? Or at least talking about it?”
Danny stood and rested a hand on Brodi’s shoulder, removing it
instantly as he felt him tense up.
“I know it’s an unpleasant subject,” Danny said, “but remember, I’m
not just a trainer. I’m here to try to help you move through this. I
also thought it might be helpful if I know what triggers the
flashbacks, so I don’t do you more harm than good.”
His question was met with silence. The towering blond in front of him
remained silent long enough that Danny was beginning to wonder if he
should have waited to ask the question.
“Brodi, I’m sorry. That was not meant to be intrusive.” He paused
before he continued, but Brodi registered no expression on his face.
“I asked only because I don’t want to inadvertently hurt you when I’m
supposed to be helping you.’
Sill more silence. Had the question, in combination with the
unexpected meeting and stress of the new requirements being placed on
him pushed him into a flashback? Did he need to call Rahzel?
“Maybe we should start instead with you explaining your workouts to
me. If I know what you’re already…”
“No, Danny, your question was fine. I’m just not sure how to answer.”
“Sights? Smells? Someone touching you inadvertently? I noticed you
tensed up when Rahzel put a hand on your shoulder, and then I turned
around and forgot myself and did the same thing. I do apologize for
Brodi shook his head.
“No. Has more to do with the fact that Rahzel is not really a touchy-
feely person. When he DOES get touchy-feely, it means he’s really
worried. With you it’s really more that I’m on edge and just met
you. Nothing personal.”
Danny shook his head. “No offense taken. And I promise that any
touch that comes from me will be only to correct form or guide the
next move, and I won’t touch you without telling you exactly what I’m
going to do.”
Brodi sighed. “I’d like to be able to say that I’m not quite that
fragile…but at this point, I do appreciate the consideration.”
“Rahzel mentioned that a couple of times Elise Riggs has had to get
help for you because she wasn’t able to talk you down from whatever
was going on. Can I ask what happened there?”
“Well, once I’d simply woken up in an, uhm, altered state of sorts. I
have no conscious memory of it, but from what I’m told, I had no idea
where I was and wouldn’t let anyone near me. There was a blizzard
going on and Elise and Rahzel were afraid I’d get away from them and
get lost in the storm, so they called in a couple of the guys to help
hold me down and the house doc had me heavily sedated for a few
Danny let out a low whistle.
“That had to be terrifying.”
Brodi shrugged.
“For them. Probably for me at the time, but like I said…no conscious
“And no idea what brought it on?”
“Nope. And before you ask, I don’t take any kind of drugs,
prescription or otherwise. And I had a full blood workup done the next
day, all of which came up normal.”
Danny nodded.
“OK. So a random, isolated event. The second time Elise had to call
in help?”
It seemed to Danny that Brodi looked momentarily embarrassed, then
Danny realized it was more of an expression of modesty and discretion
than it was anything else. Then it dawned on him. Elise, Danny knew
from his conversations with Rahzel, had been the one to stay with
Brodi in the hospital. She had been the one to help him through the
crisis point when his stalker had shown up. Elise had also apparently
been witness to most, if not all, of the flashbacks. She was more
than a friend, Danny realized with what he was ashamed to admit was
Not that something like that should have mattered. As far as Danny
was concerned, Brodi was a client, and as they were entering a sort of
student-teacher business relationship, Danny’s ethics would not allow
him to become involved with Brodi even if Brodi showed interest. It
was a line he would not cross, ESPECIALLY with a trauma survivor.
“Like I said, Brodi, we don’t have to talk about it right now.”
“Well,” Brodi began, “I’m not sure how much Rahzel has told you about
my relationship with Elise.”
“I got the impression that she’s a…girlfriend?”
“Yes, and no. We each have some pretty deep-seated issues to deal
with, so we’re trying to take it slowly.”
“Understandable.” Danny replied. “But if it’s gossip you’re worried
about, I can assure you that what you tell me will not leave this
“I believe you.” Brodi said. “It’s not really much of a secret
anyway. We practically live in each other’s rooms. I’m actually
surprised Rahzel hasn’t made us roommates to save on housing costs.”
Danny chuckled lightly.
“It was one of the first times Elise and I were together, intimately.
After a while she suggested that I just relax and let her do the work,
so to speak. I’m not the type to do things one-sided, and she finally
playfully took both of my arms and pinned them over my head.”
“That…doesn’t sound like it ended well.”
“She didn’t know about my past at the time. And during the attack my
hands were cuffed to a bed railing over my head.” Brodi shrugged. “I
honestly hadn’t thought about the attack in a long time. I don’t know
if I was just tired, or if it was just bad timing…but I lost it.”
Brodi hung his head, shame and embarrassment pouring out of his next
words. “I just lost it. Elise is just a few inches shorter than me,
but I’m a lot stronger. I threw her across the room.” Brodi sat back
down and held his head in his hands. “I threw her across the room.
She didn’t have to call in anyone that time, but it did take her about
20 minutes to bring me back around, and she was about to call Nate.”
Brodi’s voice shook as he said the next words. “She doesn’t hold it
against me. She stayed with me the rest of the night, holding me
while I told her what was going on. She could have walked out. And I
should have told her sooner…but what man wants to admit that this kind
of thing happened to him? But by the Buddha I could have hurt her”
Danny knelt in front of Brodi. He almost touched him, but held back,
afraid of making the situation worse.
“Brodi,” he said quietly. “Look at me.”
Brodi lifted his head from his hands and wiped at his tear-stained
face. “I’m a practicing Buddhist.” He said. “I’m a little off my
game lately as far as that goes, as you can see.”
Danny smiled up at him. “Well,” he said lightly, “it’s called
practicing for a reason. Ebb and flow, so to speak.”
A light smile broke through Brodi’s face. “No fair using my own
philosophy against me.”
“Well, I was just going to point out that if Elise doesn’t hold it
against you, and it sounds like she really cares about you a lot, then
beating yourself up about it isn’t going to get you anywhere."
Brodi shrugged again. "Can't really argue with that one. It’s a little harder to get emotionally than intellectually, though."
“And I can’t argue with that one.”
Danny stood and walked behind the desk, looking at the planner that was open on the desk.
"I think we've shot our time to do any training today. It's about time to meet Rahzel and Elise in the lobby. You going to be OK for dinner?"
Brodi nodded. "I'll be fine. Actually it'll probably be a nice distraction."
"OK. Look, I need to go change. Spilled my lunch all over my shirt just before you guys walked in here and had to borrow one really quickly. I'd feel a bit more comfortable having dinner in something that actually fits me."
Brodi laughed....probably the first time he'd laughed since he'd walked into the room. "No problem. I need to grab my wallet from my room anyway. I'll meet you guys in the lobby in about 10 minutes?"
"Sounds good."
Danny watched the wounded warrior walk out, sighing as the door closed. This was going to be tougher than he thought. He was going to have to think long and hard about how to proceed with this.
Well, no time to make plans now, he thought. Time to get changed into something that actually fit him, and meet the group in the lobby. He hoped that the addition of Elise Riggs would lessen the tension rather than add to it.

Chapter 3

Elise Riggs paced back and forth in front of the fireplace waiting for the rest of the group to show up. Her pacing had nothing to do with impatience, although she wasn't known to be the most patient woman in the world. No, what was causing the pacing was the the blonde Amazon's other predominate trait, a short temper. Rahzel had asked her to meet him in the lobby, and she knew that she was supposed to be having dinner with Rahzel and Brodi. But Brodi had M-Commed her with an unexpected complication. Brodi hadn't said much in the message, but the general idea was that he was going to be forced to work with a trainer.
Elise knew that Rahzel was trying to get Brodi to be more active again, and she knew that he was acting only out of concern. But what angered her was that everyone, from his therapist to Rahzel himself, seemed to be rushing Brodi into healing. And rushed healing, she knew, was something that was never going to work.
So she paced. The lobby was fairly empty, aside from the odd tourist and vacationer wandering through. They all gave Elise wide berth, as if there was a large force field around her. She knew her 6 ft height was intimidating to most people, but she was sure that her mood was helping to keep people clear of her. It was the vibes she was giving off, to use a Brodi term.
Finally Rahzell showed up with someone in tow. She could only assume it was the trainer. but she would wait for introductions.. Deep breaths, she told herself (has she really been hanging around Brodi that much? she thought.) No need to attack. The guy was handsome, she decided. A bit smaller than Brodi, though still tall, with jet-black hair framing his boyish face. She also couldn't help but notice the black silk shirt he was wearing that probably would have looked tacky on anyone else but he was somehow pulling it off.
"Elise!" Rahzel called out. "No Brodi yet?"
"He'll be here in a minute. He just sent me a text."
Rahzel nodded.
"Well, I might as well go ahead and make introductions. Elise, this is Danny Brussels, the one who'll be training Brodi until he's taken off medical leave. Danny, Elise Riggs, one of our best boarders."
Elise shook hands politely, but couldn't stop herself from saying, "No offense, but exactly WHY does Brodi need a personal trainer? He does well enough on his own. Christ, he's practically a Greek god."
"Probably more Hawaiian, actually, although my mom is about as Celtic as they come."
Elise turned, slightly blushing as she saw Brodi walking down the steps towards them.
"Brodi!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around him and kissing him, partially in hopes of taking the attention off of her comment.
"Wow," he said as she released him. "I should surprise you more often."
"How was your first training session?" she asked as she eyed Danny closely.
"Kind of nonexistent." Brodi admitted. "I take it you've already met Danny?"
"Only just" Danny replied as he stepped forward. "So, Rahz, where are we heading for dinner?"
"Japanese steakhouse downtown. I'm reasonably sure you can find something to eat there whatever your eating preferences are. I also think we can all fit in my car, so if you'll all follow me."
And, follow him they did, like obedient children. Elise slipped her arm through Brodi's as they walked, and she realized as she did this that Danny seemed to purposefully speed up to walk aside Rahzel. What's going on here, she thought? Was she being overprotective and imagining things? She looked at Brodi, who seemed reasonably content and relaxed, but she wasn't ready to let her guard down. She wasn't sure she liked Danny, but she was making a snap judgment and she knew Brodi would scold her for that. Still, she definitely felt her protective side coming out, although she'd known Danny for exactly five minutes and he'd done nothing to set her alarm bells off. Maybe she was just on edge because of all the difficulties of the past few months. Still, she kept hold of Brodi's arm as they headed for the parking lot, and made sure to claim her seat beside him in the car. This, she decided, was going to be an interesting night.

Chapter 4

Rahzel sat picking at his steak and scallops uneasily, suddenly questioning his decision to arrange this dinner. Brodi and Danny had seemed to reach some sort of guarded agreement to at least try to work together, but Elise hadn’t taken the news well. She hadn’t said so, but Rahzel suspected that Elise felt he’d gone too far. Whether she actually thought that, or he was imagining it, she was definitely in Mama Bear mode when it came to Brodi. Well, he thought grimly to himself, might as well introduce the elephant in the room.
“So how did your training session go?”
The question was directed at Brodi, but it was Danny who answered.
“We covered a couple of things, but didn’t really get down to training today.” Danny looked over at Brodi. “Sorry you missed your workout, dude. I know this was a pretty unexpected turn of events today.”
“You can say that again,” Elise said.
Brodi rested a hand on Elise’s forearm. “Elise, it’s OK.”
“No, it’s not, Brodi. Rahz, Brodi has consistently done everything you have asked him to do. He agrees to one thing, you put another demand on him. He...”
“is sitting at the table and can speak for himself, hon. It’s really OK.”
Elise removed her arm from underneath Brodi’s hand.
“How can you say that? You are being micormanaged to death. You have to do this before you can be released from medical leave. You have to do that. You can’t make a MOVE without a reminder of your past being thrown in your face.”
Rahzel slammed his hand down on the table to get everyone’s attention.
“Elise, calm down. I brought Danny in to help Brodi. The two workouts a week in the gym was just to get him back out among the living. This is all being done to HELP, not to punish.”
Danny cleared his throat.
“Guys, do we really need to talk about this here? This should be discussed in private.”
“And I am RIGHT HERE and don’t need anyone to speak for me. Please do me the courtesy of stopping this. You’re talking about me as if I’m not right here in front of you.”
Brodi stood and, fishing out his wallet, pulled out two twenties and threw them on the table.
“My meal and drink came to about $15, and there should be enough there to cover Elise’s meal too. Leave the rest as a tip for the waitress.”
“I need to go, Rahz.”
Elise stood up, and Brodi rested a hand on her shoulder.
“I need to go. Alone. I’ll talk to you later when I’m a bit calmer. I promise.”
He then turned to Danny.
“Sorry about the drama, Danny. I’ll call you tomorrow to set up a training session. Rahz, we’ll deal with this later. And all of you, “ he took a moment to look around the table, “ALL OF YOU, need to do me the favor of leaving me alone tonight.”
Brodi walked off before anyone else could say anything.
Elise glared at Rahzel.
“Good plan, Rahzel. Between the three of us, we managed to piss off the Zenmaster himself.”
Elise stood up to leave.
“Elise, I really would leave Brodi alone right now.”
“Thank you SO MUCH for your input, Danny, but I already happen to have the intention of respecting his wishes. Rahzel, what Brodi said goes for me, too. Don’t come near me tonight.”
Rahzel sighed heavily as Elise stomped off too.
“Well, that went well.”
Danny just shook his head.
“The dinner was probably a bad idea. Too much going on at once.”
“I’ll pay for your dinner, Danny. Sorry about tonight. Uhm, I’ll stay out of tomorrow’s dealings, just let me know how it goes, OK?”
“I won’t violate his privacy.”
“Not asking you to. Just...never mind, we’ll work it out.”

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nice. :)

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Thanks. Ironically, my friend read what I'd written so far, and said to me, "I really like it, you're a really good writer. But, uhm, I think your husband is right. Brodi is definitely straight. He just doesn't seem to be the gay male relationship material."

This coming from a gay man. Me? I don't have a friggin CLUE as to what he means, but still....

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Brodi probably wouldn't be gay even if his life depended on it. It just seems so...uneven. I prefer him being more of a straight guy. Gays are cool, but it's not for Brodi.


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PoorLeno42 wrote:
Brodi probably wouldn't be gay even if his life depended on it. It just seems so...uneven. I prefer him being more of a straight guy. Gays are cool, but it's not for Brodi.

I tend to agree, but was trying this out for a friend, and wasn't sure if it was more with the CHARACTER, or, as I'd said earlier, the fact that I obviously have no empirical experience, being female and all.

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