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PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2009 8:32 pm  Post subject: The original story (prequel--stuff added 07/25/2009)  
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I hinted in New Kid that there had been an injury, by way of explaining Brodi's physical weakness. Here is that original story. Well, part of it. I'll need to type in the rest of it at some point in the future. **further edit, wrote some more, combined some stuff today. Here is that.**
Author's note: written mainly because when I play SSX Tricky and I use Brodi I wind up smacking him into rock walls and pipes and such all the time. I've had a punctured lung before so tried to use a little of that experience here, although the description is a bit worse than I remember the surgery (of course, I was on dilaudid and hydrocodone at the time.)

Brodi was not a man prone to panic. Years of Buddhist training on top of his already calm inner nature insured that painc was practically not a word in his vocabulary. Still, waking up to feeling like he had a drill cutting through his crown chakra left him feeling pretty panicked, especially after he tried to move and his Body responded as though it were weighted with lead.


He heard footsteps hurrying towards him, and recognized the sound of his own name, but seemed momentarily unable to remember how to open his eyes. But a hand in his, a soft touch on the side of his face, a soft kiss on his forehead, reminded him to breathe. There was just one problem. His lungs felt like they were on fire. Breathe, breathe, he could remember how to breathe couldn’t he? But breathing shouldn’t hurt.

“Brodi, just relax. I know you feel like hell, but you’re safe and we’re taking care of you.”

That voice—he knew the voice. His eyes still wouldn’t open.

“Just breathe, baby. That’s it. The nurse just stepped out to get the doctor back in here. No, no, honey. Hands away from your face. It’s just an oxygen mask. You need it. You broke a couple of ribs, and one of them punctured a lung. But you’re going to be OK now. Do you understand?”

Suddenly he remembered how to control his eyelids, and his eyes shot open as a wave of pain hit. He gripped the bedsheet, gripped the hand he was holding, caught a sharp breath. He heard the same voice calling for help, heard running. Someone said, ‘Yeah, give him more.” A burning, followedby a chill in his arm, and then nothing.

“Easy, sweetheart. Easy. The doctor is coming. Just ride it out, just like a wave.”

Elise didn’t think at this point that Brodi heard her, but she talked to him anyway. It kept her mind off of thinking things like, what was taking so long? He’d just had surgery, shouldn’t someone be watching him more closely?

Finally, she heard the nurse come in, but she didn’t look up. All she cared about was her friend; she had no time for small talk.

“He’s in a lot of pain,” she said between whispered words, “can’t you give him something?”
“As soon as the doctor…”
“Yeah, give him more.”
Thankfully the doctor had walked in before the nurse completed her sentence…because Elise thought she was going to hit her. Of course it would do Brodi no good if she were to get banned from the hospital.

The nurse nodded and ran out, coming back quickly and pushing something through his IV. Brodi looked at Elise, but his eyes were so confused she doubted he saw her. Then his grip on her hand relaxed and he was out again.

Elise allowed herself to be pushed gently out of the way as the doctor moved over to check his patient’s dressing, following the tube from his side down to the pump it was connected to.
“Nothing seems to be loose, he’s not bleeding,” he said with some form of relief. He listened intently for a moment through the stethescope. “Lungs sound good. I’d go ahead and move him to his room on the surgery unit while he’s out cold—no need to put him through the pain of moving him if we don’t have to.”

“Yes, doctor.”
As the nurse left to make arrangements for the moving logistics, the doctor turned to Elise, where she had collapsed into a chair.

“Ms. Riggs, he’ll probably be out for a while, if he’s lucky. You should get some sleep.”

Elise shook her head. “Not leaving him. Well, I am going to go out to the waiting room and let the others know how he’s doing, but otherwise, no.”

The doctor shrugged. “Suit yourself. But he really is going to be OK. He did really well with the surgery. The fact that he’s an athlete and in fantastic shape are in his favor. He really did do very well.”

“I’m not doubting you, Doctor Adams. But he’s my best friend, and I’d really rather be here.”

Dr. Adams nodded. “I understand. Let me know if he needs anything, or have the nurses page me.”

Elise nodded and started out the door. She didn’t think she could stand watching Brodi be moved, so she took note of the room he was being moved to from the recovery unit and then went to the waiting room to give the others an update.

Six members of the team looked up expectantly as she walked in. Elise guessed the day’s events had been canceled after Brodi’s accident. Allegra and Psymon sat on opposite sides of the room, as far away from each other as they could possibly get. Seeing that they had both adopted the “I’m too cool (or in Psymon’s case, too crazy) to care what’s going on” slouch in the chairs, Elise thought it funny that they couldn’t stand each other. Mac and Kaori sat huddled near, but not too near, Allegra, Mac turning on the sensitivity as he draped an arm around Kaori to comfort her. And then there was Zoe and Moby. Moby, still in his racing gear minus the helmet, had leaned back casually in the chair, only a slight twitch in his foot giving away any sentiment from him. He had one hand rested on Zoe’s elbow, while she sat forward on the edge of her chair with one knee twitching wildly.

“Is he…” Zoe began, but Moby stopped her with a squeeze of her arm.

“Let her start where she needs to, love.”

Elise took a deep breath. “He, ah…he came through the surgery fine. He broke a couple of ribs and one of them punctured a lung, and that’s why he was having such a hard time breathing.”

Elise heard Kaori gasp, but knowing that Mac was there to talk her down, kept going. “The nurses let me sit with him while he was in the recovery unit, and he woke up once…they had to put him right back out again.”

This time it was Psymon she heard as he let out a stream of curses. Elise imagined it was his own ghosts of hospitals past haunting him, but she still turned to him sharply. “He’s in a lot of pain, Psymon. They need to keep him as still as possible for a couple of days. Besides, I thought you enjoyed a little pain and suffering when it came to your fellow riders.”

Psymon stood abruptly and stalked towards her, and she swallowed hard but was determined to hold her ground with him. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Moby and Zoe moving in case interference was needed, but Elise knew that if she saw them move, Psymon had too. Allegra and Mac looked ready to pounce as well, but they were kids…she couldn’t risk them. And Kaori looked like she was going to have a nervous fit right then and there. She needed to face him down.

Psymon stopped a mere two inches from her face and sneered at her.

“Look, Amazon, I know I’m crazy. I know I can be mean, hell, even heartless at times. But I never, never, NEVER enjoy watching someone having a dance with the Grim Reaper. Are we clear?”

“Crystal. Now get out of my face, or Brodi is going to have a roommate.”

There was a collective sigh of relief in the room as Psymon grinned at Elise, clapped her on the shoulder, and returned to his seat. Even Elise had to admit she was a little concerned. She’d taken martial arts classes for years…but Psymon was crazy. Crazy people don’t hold back when they’re fighting. The kids she couldn’t risk, and Moby and Zoe were strong, but Elise doubted even the three of them could handle the man if he truly snapped.

“Now…I’m going back up to Brodi’s room. Someone should be with him if he wakes up again. I’ll let you know when he’s conscious and able to see people.”

She turned to leave, then turned back momentarily. “Uhm, out of curiousity, what could be so important as to keep Rahzel and Atomika BOTH away from the hospital when one of their riders has had a serious injury requiring surgery?”

Only Allegra ventured an answer. “I think they were seeing about getting Brodi’s parents up here. Elise, the man didn’t look good at all when he was loaded into that ambulance.”

Elise paled when she realized what Zoe’s unfinished “Is he…” had meant. Suddenly the adrenaline she had built up over the course of the day, from the first moment that she learned that the “boarder down” call over the Mcomm had been for Brodi, to the showdown with Psymon a few moments ago, went from overload to zip. At the same time the emotions she’d kept at bay all day long came forward in a flood that hit her so hard her head felt like it was going to explode. Brodi could have died. The man she loved, thought she loved, maybe loved, wasn’t sure she wanted to admit to but loved anyway…he could have died. The floor seemed to start moving, and she heard Moby yell out “Bloody hell there she goes!”. Psymon rushed towards her again, and she felt his arm grapple her back and the other one lift her legs before she could hit the floor.


“Bloody hell, there she goes!”
Moby watched the dawning of the realization hit Elise’s face. She was hit with shock, then the blood drained from her face and she started going down.

Psymon was closest, so he started towards her with that demon speed he was known for. The bloke did manage to catch her, and it was a bloody odd sight, seeing someone as rough around the edges as Psymon holding this delicate princess-like creature in his arms. Indeed, he did look shocked.
“Well, crap, what the hell do I do with her now?”
“Way to sweep a lady off her feet, Psymon,” Allegra blasted by him running for the nurse’s station. “Find somewhere to put her down, you jerk!” she called over her shoulder. If he remembered that one on the slopes later that little one was in for it.

“Bring her over here, Psymon.”

Zoe, taking charge as usual, had cleared a bench area, and Psymon carried Elise over and lowered her down slowly, as if he was suddenly afraid he might break her. Moby tossed his jacket at Zoe, and she placed it under Elise’s head to cushion it.

“Give me something to elevate her legs with!” Zoe called out over her shoulder again. Mac and Kaori folded up their jackets and piled them up under her ankles. By then, though, Allegra had returned with a nurse in tow who immediately ran to Elise. Zoe backed out of the way to give her access.

“What’s her name?” the nurse said.
“Elise, can you hear me?” the nurse called as she felt the unconscious woman’s neck for a pulse. “Tell me what hurts.”
“Mmmrm?” Elise started to roll over onto her side, but the nurse held her back. “Ow, my head.”
Elise gasped and sat up suddenly, the nurse’s hands unable to keep her down. “What happened? I need to get back to Brodi….he should be in his room by now.”
“Mr. Ford is in his room and resting. You, however, need to get checked out. Let’s take you to a room and…”
“Whoa whoa whoa….I’m fine. I just…it’s been a stressful day. I got a little overtired. Probably a blood sugar thing.”
The nurse looked at her quizzically. “Are you diabetic?”
Elise shook her head. “No. Just forget to eat sometimes.”
“OK. Well, we’re still going to take you to an exam room in the ER and get your vitals and do a finger stick.”
Elise looked around at her teammates. Zoe, Moby, and Allegra were all looking at her sternly. Psymon had disappeared, and Mac was comforting Kaori, so at least she didn’t have to sit with their judgement.
“Wait…I can refuse treatment, right?”
Zoe took a step forward, but Moby grabbed her shoulder. The nurse looked annoyed, but said, “Of course, although that isn’t advisable.”
“Your opinion is appreciated. If I feel worse, I’ll let you know. But for right now I’m going on the assumption that I’m overtired, and I’m going to go sit with Brodi.”
“Bloody HELL woman, are you DAFT? You’d have cracked your head open on the floor is Psymon hadn’t moved so quickly. And do you really think Brodi is going to be impressed that you’re endangering your health because of him?”
“Moby, shut it and get me some water. I’m FINE.”
Moby wandered off muttering something about stupid gits, but returned fairly quickly with a bottled water and a candy bar out of the machines.
“Thanks.” She said gratefully as he tossed them at her.
The nurse stood and readied herself to leave, but still looked concerned. “I wish you’d reconsider. It’ll just take a few minutes.”
Elise was taking a long sip of water, but held her hand up.
“OK, then. Stand up for me. If you can stand on your own and walk a few steps without any help, I can’t make you do anything.”
Elise stood on her own and walked about 3 feet and back to the nurse, who sighed in defeat.
“OK. Suit yourself. But if you start feeling worse, please let someone know. You won’t be doing Mr. Ford any good if you wind up a patient here yourself.”
Moby coughed loudly, which earned him a glare from Elise, but he just winked at her.
The nurse left, and all that was left for Elise to do was to stare down Zoe and Allegra.
“Damn it, Elise. Why couldn’t you at least let her check you out. You went down like a brick.”
“I said I’m FINE, Zoe. Now, don’t you and Moby need to get these kids home? I’ll keep you updated.”
Allegra said nothing, just sulked in the corner. At least, Elise thought, spending some time hanging out with Brodi had taught the girl to hold her tongue. Well, OK, a LITTLE.
Zoe threw her hands in the air in defeat. “OK. Come on Moby, let’s get these guys back to the lodge. We can go see Rahzel before heading for dinner.”
Moby nodded. He squeezed Elise’s shoulder has he walked past, but said nothing. Elise knew he had his own ghosts to deal with as well.
“Oh guys…call me at the hospital, not on the Mcomm. I’m turning it off…don’t want it on in case it interferes with any machinery.”
Zoe nodded.
Mac walked by with a shoulder punch and a “Take care, lady.”
Kaori stopped in front of her with tears in her eyes. “Miss Elise…please take care of yourself.”
“I’m fine, Kaori. I promise you. You think I want to get my butt handed to me by Brodi when he gets strong enough to do it?”
That at least got a smile out of her, and she went on, taking Mac’s hand as she walked out.


For the second time that day Brodi had woken up in a panic. The first time hadn’t been really clear…he just remembered pain, and someone holding his hand and talking to him…then a stinging in his arm and nothing. There were no clear memories.

This time he woke up in what he recognized this time as a drug fog. He was disoriented. He couldn’t seem to open his eyes yet, and every inch of him felt like it was on fire. He felt like he was tied down, and somewhere in the back of his mind that was connecting with something VERY VERY BAD. He struggled to breathe, felt like he had a boulder on his chest. The panic was building…he had to take control before it got out of control. Then the door opening….

“Brodi! Calm down, sweetie, just calm down.” He heard footsteps coming closer, and felt that hand again. His eyes still wouldn’t open, which wasn’t helping the panic situation. He felt a hand at his temple, and it felt soft and kind. There was no immediate danger coming from that hand. “Please, just calm down, honey. I’m here with you. You’re OK.”

Elise. That was Elise. If she was here, he had to be OK. He tried to reach a hand up, and it wouldn’t go very far. He felt that soft hand clutch his and pull it back down to his side. There was a kiss at his temple.

“You’re OK, babe. Can you open your eyes? No? OK, OK, OK…easy. That's all right. Don't worry about it. You’re on some pretty heavy medication right now, honey, that’s probably all this is. You’re OK. You’re safe. I’m with you and I’m not going to leave you.”

Brodi did manage to open his eyes partially, but his vision was fuzzy and it made his headache worse. Elise brushed his hair off his forehead and kissed his temple again.
“I’ll explain everything, sweetheart, but you have to calm down, OK? I need you to calm down and stay calm. If you get too anxious or move around too much you might get one of the machines disconnected or pull something loose. You have a concussion, but that’s not too bad. You’re on oxygen because you have a collapsed lung. Whoa, whoa…easy now. Remember calm? You had a bad wipeout. It got you the concussion and a couple of broken ribs. One of them punctured a lung. They’re fixing it, though…that’s why you have the chest tube. It’s also why you have an IV with some pretty heavy narcotics and an antibiotic cocktail.”

Elise rested her hand on the side of his head again, and Brodi leaned into it. “You’re going to be OK, Surfer Boy. We’re watching over you. Your only job is to rest and get better, do you understand me?”

Brodi nodded his undersanding, then closed his eyes again and tried to count his breath to see if it would help him get back to sleep. If he was going to live a nightmare for a few days, he might as well sleep through as much of it as he could.

Brodi had nodded to indicate that he understood, but Elise wasn’t sure. And she wasn’t sure it was important, considering how many drugs were flowing through his body at the moment. Even if he understood her perfectly, she doubted he’d remember it next time he woke up. She had just wanted to talk to him. He seemed to visibly relax when she talked to him, so she just kept talking until he seemed to be falling asleep.

It was then that she sat down and fell asleep herself. She had just settled into a good relaxation when she was startled awake with a soft knock at the door.
Elise stretched and yawned, then looked up. “Nate?” She looked over at Brodi, who seemed to still be sleeping. “What are you doing here?”
He knelt in front of her and opened up his medtech case. “I heard about earlier. I came to see if you were OK. Give me your arm.”

Elise wasn't sure why she complied, but she handed. “Who put you up to this? Damn it, I told Zoe and Moby I was OK.”
“Well,” he hesitated as he adjusted a blood pressure cuff to her arm. “It wasn’t them, really. Yeah, they did tell me. But Rahzel and Atomika were also there, and they wanted me to check you out since you refused medical care. Never let anyone know you’ve had any kind of medical training, right?”
Elise chuckled and then winced as the cuff tightened. Then Nate started releasing the pressure and watched the gauge.
“142/87” he rattled off as it finished. “A little high, but not unexpected considering today’s events. Plus I just surprised the hell out of you.”
Nate began massaging Elise’s hand for her, and she leaned back and began to relax when, “OW!”
Nate couldn’t help but grin as he tipped a drop of blood onto a test strip that he had somehow shoved into a glucose meter under the radar. “Sorry, doll. I didn’t think you’d let me do it.”
She let him clean her finger off with an alcohol swab, then she jerked her hand away from him. “I wouldn’t have. Jerk! Sheesh.”
“Hey now. Let’s play nice. HOLY CRAP girl, when did you last eat?”
Elise looked around, but of course there was no clock in the room. “Uhm, what time is it?”
“Just after 7.”
“I, uhm, ate about 3:30. Well, sort of. Moby gave me a candy bar after I passed out.”
“You ate a candy bar almost 4 hours ago, nothing since, and your blood sugar is 62. That’s on the low side, my dear. Come on, you’re coming with me. I’m going to get you some dinner.”
“I’m not leaving Brodi. And why haven’t you asked about him or so much as looked at him?”
“I got a full update. And don’t forget that I was first on scene. Besides, he’s been stabilized and is being taken care of. It’s YOU we need to keep out of the admitting office. You need to EAT, Princess. If I let you slip into a sugar coma, I’m not going to face even a peace-loving surfer-crazed Buddhist if he’s 6’4” and 204 lbs."
Elise had to smirk at that.
“So come on…I’m getting you a cheeseburger.”
“A cheeseburger?”
“You’d prefer pizza? I can do that too. You need cheese, meat…lots of protein, lady. And you ARE going to eat something.”
“I’m not…”
Elise rushed to Brodi’s side. His voice had been barely audible, and even at that had been muffled further by the oxygen mask, but he had definitely spoken.

“Hi, sweetie. Did we wake you? I’m sorry.”
Brodi moved his head in one short ‘no’ motion, obviously still bothered by moving his head.
“Hey, dude. How ya feeling? That was quite a ride you took today. I think Rahzel and Atomika are probably still needing nitrogen tablets.”
Brodi lifted his hand and made a “so-so” motion.
Nate nodded. “Hang in there, bud. Look, I’m gonna steal your girl for a bit if that’s OK? I promise I’ll bring her back.”
Nate grinned as Brodi gave him the thumbs up signal.
“Brodi, I don’t want to leave you.”
“I’m….fine. You…eat.”
She leaned in and kissed his forehead, giving his hand a final squeeze before Nate gripped her shoulders and guided her away from the bed. “Won’t be long, pal. Promise.”

Elise dutifully ate two slices of pizza with Nate, although she kept checking her watch and her MComm.
"Will you RELAX? Christ, your blood sugar is going to be better, but you're going to have heartburn from hell."
Elise slammed her glass down on the table and glared at Nate. "We should've just gone to the hospital cafeteria."
Nate snorted. "Hospital food is crap and you know it. Besides, we're just across the street. He's FINE, Elise."
Elise glared again, raising an eyebrow for emphasis.
"OK, maybe "fine" was a poor choice of words...but he's being taken care of and he's GOING to be fine. Now me? If I don't make sure you're taking care of yourself, Brodi's going to kick my ass. Think of it as self-preservation for me if it makes you feel any better about it."
Elise had to laugh in spite of herself. "I don't think you have anything to worry about. Brodi's big, but he doesn't fight."
"Doesn't mean he can't."
"And you outweigh him by probably 10 pounds."
"It's my thick head. Now finish that last slice and we'll go back and check on him. Keep your vigil while you can, because as soon as he can talk worth a damn, he's going to send your cute little ass home to rest."
Elise ate the last two bites of the pizza, and they stood and started making their way back across the street to the hospital. When the sliding doors opened to the main entrance, they should've left the cold behind them, but Elise felt like the chill had followed her inside. And she felt downright icy when she saw that Rahzel was waiting for them in the main lobby.
As he approached them, he was trying to keep a calm facade, but Elise knew worry on the man's face when she saw it. She looked at Nate, who shrugged, then back to Rahzel.
"Hey guys. Want to step in here with me for a few minutes?" He pointed to one of the smaller waiting areas.
"No offense, Rahz, but Nate has kept me out of Brodi's room long enough. Someone needs to be with him."
"Elise," he rested his hand on her shoulder in a fatherly fashion. Crap, what was going on? "You can't go upstairs right now."
Elise jerked her shoulder away from Rahzel's hand. "Why not? Cut the crap, Rahz. What's going on? I've told you guys I'm FINE. Now cut this alphamale crap and let me go!"
"That's not the reason, Elise..."
This time Nate stepped in. "Just out with it, Rahzel. You're driving us crazy, and Elise is going to have an aneurysm if you don't just spit it out."
Rahzel took a deep breath.
"Brodi had a problem while you guys were gone. He's back in surgery."
Elise caught a sharp breath. "What do you mean, back in surgery? What the hell happened?"
"He went into cardiac arrest...and he stopped breathing altogether. They're working on him now."
"NO!" Elise shouted, looking from Rahzel to Nate. "We were only gone for 30 minutes. He was awake when we left. He was TALKING, Rahzel. TALKING. He gave Nate a thumb's up."
She kept backing up, but hit Nate's arm as he stretched it out to support her.
"Elise, let's go sit down in here until they come to talk to us."
Elise turned viciously on Nate, slapping him and beating her fists on his chest. "DAMN YOU. WHY did you make me leave him? WHY? I should have been in there, I shouldn't have left him, I..I.."
Nate let her beat into him, then wrapped his arms around her and held her to him as she stopped yelling and broke down into sobs. Then he and Rahzel started gently guiding her into the seating area, where Nate sat down and took her into his lap, holding her like a child while she drained herself of tears.
Rahzel sat beside Nate and leaned into his forearms, resting his weight on his knees. When her sobs were down to little more than hiccups and gasps of breath, Rahzel started to speak again.
"Elise, it wouldn't have mattered if you were in there. No one knows what happened yet, but it wouldn't have made any difference if you were in there or not."
Elise rubbed her palm clumsily against her eyes, then rested her head on Nate's shoulder. "How do you know that? I don't know that."
"Because *I* was in there, and I know he got help immediately. I don't know why it happened. I just know that none of us could have prevented it." He looked down for a moment, then back up at his two companions. “I knew Nate would be here to check on you, so I came in, in case he needed help talking you into getting something to eat, or rest, or whatever it is you needed. Brodi was awake, so I hung out with him for a little while. He seemed OK, was just drifting in and out of sleep. A nurse came in doing her rounds, checked him over, checked the machines, and gave him his next dose of medication through his IV. She left, and within five minutes all hell was breaking loose. He grabbed for the bedrail, so I moved in closer to him. He grabbed my hand and was trying to say something, but then he passed out and the machines started going nuts. A medical team shows up, I got kicked out, and now we’re waiting. End of story.”
“What was he given?” Nate asked hoarsely. “Pain medicine? The antibiotics should have already been in the banana bag.”
“I don’t know.” Rahzel admitted. “His nurse wasn’t very talkative when she was in there, and the rest of it happened so fast; I’m sure if he had an allergic reaction to something his doctors will find out.”
“Brodi’s not allergic to anything.” Elise said curtly.
“Brodi doesn’t TAKE anything, either, Elise, so it’s possible that there was something he didn’t know about.” Rahzel said. He looked about ready to say something else when the waiting room door opened and one of Brodi’s surgeons walked in. They all stood up immediately.

“Dr. Adams.” Elise began. “How is he?”
The doctor cleared his throat, and Elise reached to squeeze Nate’s hand. It seemed like years before the doctor answered.
“He’s stable for now.” He began finally. “I’m keeping him on a respirator for a little while, for a day or two at least. There was no damage to his heart that we could find, so for now we’re working under the assumption that it was his breathing problems that stressed his heart too much.”
“He’s in the ICU, so he’ll be monitored constantly. I’ve also placed him in a medically induced coma—now, just relax. It’s not as scary as it sounds. He’s just heavily sedated. It’ll keep him from fighting the respirator. It’ll also help slow down the brain swelling.”
Elise sat down suddenly. “Brain swelling?”
The good doctor nodded. “From his concussion. It’s not extreme yet, and maybe if we keep him sedated for a day or two it’ll stop. We’re going to be monitoring it, Ms. Riggs. He’s not in any danger.”
Elise buried her head in her hands. “You’ll forgive me if I don’t jump for joy, doctor. He went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. That doesn’t exactly inspire me to relax.” She looked up suddenly. “Can we see him?”
“No more than two at a time, preferably only one at a time, and for short periods. 10,15 minutes max.”
Elise nodded blankly, but it was Rahzel who said, “Thank you, doctor. For everything.”
Dr. Adams nodded. “He’s getting very good care. I assure you the nurses in the ICU are the best. Please let me know if you need anything.”

As the doctor took his leave, Elise deflated even more. Nate sat down beside her and rested a hand on her knee, and Rahzel stood in front of her.
“Elise? Are you up for seeing him?”
Elise nodded. “I have to. I need to.”
“OK, you want me or Nate to go with you?”
“I, uhm..I’d rather go alone, if that’s all right.”
Nate brought his hand up to her shoulder. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”
Elise smiled grimly and brought her hand up over his. “I’ll be OK. He’s still Brodi, right?”
She looked up at Rahzel, who looked away. Then she looked at Nate.
“OK. I’ll say just this. I don’t care WHAT that doctor says. When you go in there, you talk to him. You hold his hand, you talk to him. Coma, no coma, he will hear you. You understand?”
Elise nodded at Nate, then, taking a deep breath, stood up.
“We’ll be right here, sweetheart,” Rahzel said as she reached the door. She looked back and nodded, then headed out to the ICU.

Never choose the well from which you will not drink.
Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Love it! Is there any more to it????

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Yeah...I'm working on combining it with a later story I wrote...where I stopped here leaves a good transition point. I just have to get unlazy and type it up to upload it. :)

Thanks for the encouragement.

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