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PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2004 12:50 pm  Post subject: A fic by me that got kicked off a certain site  
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I know shouldn't post this on here, but it's the only place I know that this fic probably won't get booted off immediately

The Rejected Tricks Of SSX 3
By Hiro Konobu

(Area: Snowdream Lodge Jp is laying down trick techniques to some big wig types)

I’m telling you these tricks are going to be so cool when you see the clips of the tricks made Jp said.

Big Wig 1 said Sure run it by us.

The first trick sir is called a Dragon Flip. (Jp shows a clip of someone doing a FS 540 Front Foot Impossible)

Big Wig 1 goes don’t show that again you know Activision would sew us in a sec if we use a move like that.

Jp counters the big wig’s stament by saying Actually we’d get sued if we use any version of the 900, and/or any other move on any of the Tony Hawk games.

Big Wig 2 then says Big words coming from someone who isn’t at our l33t level strike one Jp.

Jp then says Okay how about this? (Shows a clip of his signature trick Headspin 2 Pouser. Don’t remember if it was called that.)

Big Wig 1 says sort of angrily Jp…you ego-nomics based idiot you can’t advertise your own tricks.

Big Wig 2 then says there’s strike two…you wanna quit before the strike three penalty comes into effect?

Jp says No, and I have one more trick to show before I go. (Shows a Kickflip McTwist done by Allegra Savaguess)

Big Wig 2 You’re fired Jp you gave three bad trick tech concepts, and you are no longer in the main SSX circuit you are now just an alternate/cheat skin.

Jp says If I’m fired why am I still an alternate/cheat skin?

(Both big wigs then tell him to get out, and he gets out. But after he leaves the big wigs reveal that the are none other then Mac Fraser, and Zoe Payne)

Mac says That’s was a good plan to make Jp an alternate Zoe.

Zoe says Yeah it was a good plan.

End One-Shot

Disclaimer: Hiro Konobu does not own any thing except his fics and Radio Hiro.

"Fear the sky!"-Eagle, Advance Wars Series
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