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Mon May 25, 2015 1:56 pm

Hi guys, I watched some old SSX videos on YouTube today and got inspired. So I made this logo. Below you can also read my idea for this new SSX game.


SSX Fourever takes place 1 year after the events of the BIG Mountain Tour in SSX 3. This game ignores the events of all games that were released later and therefore canonizes SSX, Tricky and SSX 3 as the only true part of the series. Even though not being the fourth released game in the series, "SSX Fourever" pays tribute to the first original SSX trilogy with its obviously hidden number "4" while at the same time providing a deeper meaning with the hidden word "Forever".

The theme song of the game is a slightly modified version of Alphaville's famous song from the 80's, "Forever Young". The song, melody and text is supposed to bring a sense of nostalgia, joy and epicness to the game. Why this song? Well, because the point is that we are returning to a time when our beloved characters were young, and we never really wanted them to grow up and change. We wanted them to be young forever. So there is true power and a certain deep meaning in this song for those gamers who's been there since the start. The song is attached to the uber tricks similar to the Tricky song in SSX Tricky.

The game features a new mountain with 4 peaks and features a lineup consisting of veterans Elise, Kaori, Zoe, Mac, Moby, Psymon, Eddie, Allegra, Nate, Griff, Brodi and three new characters.

There is a main story of the game and it includes lots of character interactions and cut-scenes, but there is also a normal tour game mode similar to the one in previous games. All characters are fully customizable with gear similar to the lodge system in SSX 3. Characters also have mobile phones which works similar to the ones in GTA V, and the mountain changes weather and has a day/night cycle where 24 hours equals 48 minutes in real time.

All characters can customize their uber tricks except for their signature uber trick.

The game features HD versions of 4 tracks from SSX Tricky, Garibaldi, Mesablanca, Tokyo Megaplex and Alaska. They are unlocked after completing one peak after another.

That's just some ideas so far!

Tue May 26, 2015 3:26 am

Epic, dude!

I like the whole concept, and I see you've done the logo at the bottom!
The whole plot seems cool, the characters seem cool, and I like the general ideas!

Just a question, how does this look for a logo (I made it :heh ? ):


Is it too vibrant, has it got too much, what could be improved? Too intense? Maybe I should cut down on some stuff, but at the same time, add more! :cry

Tue May 26, 2015 5:41 am

Thanks Peter! Your picture doesnt seem to work for me though...

Here's more ideas:

1st peak – Bongo Mountain
Bongo Mountain is a funky and lively peak full of happiness, perfect for beginners. Its low summit and proximity to a hot geyser have resulted in a mixed landscape full of jungle forests, snowy trails and melting icefalls. Step into a warm and friendly atmosphere and take a ride down some of the most colorful and cool courses out there. Transportation is easy. There are plenty of lodges to relax in and a bunch of houses available for purchase scattered all over the mountain and in Mango-City.

Jungle Jam
Mango-City Munchdown

Big air/pipes
Monkey Business

Paradise Crush


2nd peak – Chillside Peak
Chillside Peak is an intermediate peak with lots of unique and action-packed tracks. The snow here is smooth and thick and certainly makes for a fun ride. The wide and open landscape may get you lost if you’re not careful. Transportation is limited. There’s a town called Frostville where it’s possible to purchase houses. Be sure to check out the track “Soarin Over Chillside”, by far the craziest track ever made – it’s made up of chunks of ice and snow held up in the air by a line of moving helicopters!

Blue Streak
Soarin Over Chillside

Big air/pipes
Nasty Nest
Chops & Tops

Fat Rat

The Trekker

3rd peak – Misty Alps
Misty Alps is a strange and mysterious peak full of wonder and wrath. Recommended for advanced boarders, its weather conditions are tough and unpredictable. Transportation is mixed. There are 3 small villages here, with one villa available for purchase in each one (Zarbinsfield, Boobay, and Dragon's Creek). People here love scary stuff, pranks, magic, and circuses, which has resulted in a range of inspiring tracks where fun and horror meets.

Always Say Always
Trick a Threat

Big air/pipes
Le Trapeze

Circus SSX


4th peak – Dark Summit
Dark Summit is the ultimate test for any boarder who wants to try and see how far they can push their limit. This peak is the highest of all four peaks, and the shape of its cliffs and passes have resulted in tracks that are sometimes constantly obscured by the sun – hence the peak’s name. Transportation is extremely limited and only possible at three locations via heliplane – at the top of the summit, by the Central Lodge, and at the end of the 2 race/showoff tracks that share the same finish line. If you play “Story Mode”, the Dark Summit plays an important role in the main story, and some of the tracks here can only be unlocked through Story Mode and not via the normal “Tour Mode”.

The Summit
Race of Blindness (only unlocked after playing Story Mode)

Pipe of Nightmare (only unlocked after playing Story Mode)

Off-pists (only unlocked after playing Story Mode)
Hidden Trail
Unknown Base

Story Mode
In the Story Mode, you can only choose to play as one of the two new characters, in contrast to the “Tour Mode” where all characters are playable. You will play as either Robert “Rob” Dashini from America, or Michelle “Miki” Skidmore from England. However, all the other characters are featured in the story. The premise is as followed:

The SSX competition has recently kicked off, and the SSX riders are having a blast. The new mountain is simply amazing and the tracks are better than ever before. But something dark is on the move. Unknown riders with masked faces have been spotted trying to sabotage the competition. And one day the snowfall gets really intense, ultimately postponing the competition and instead focusing on the inner city events at Mango-City. The morning after the big showdown of Mango-City Munchdown, some fellow SSX riders are kidnapped, and then suddenly all electricity is blown out. And the snowfall gets even worse. Now it’s up to the SSX riders left to find their way up the mountain and find out what’s going on!
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Fri May 29, 2015 3:18 pm

Nice job Joni
I quote like the breakdown of the Four peaks :yes

Tue May 10, 2016 4:46 am

OK, I'm back with a "quick" sketch of the mountain in SSX Fourever. This is my overall idea of how the mountain, along with all its 4 peaks, will somewhat look like.

As you can see, the most distinguishable peak is by far Bongo Mountain, because of its hot geyser on top and lush pieces of jungle spreading out. Dark Summit it also very obvious with its dark cliffs. At the base of the mountain you can find Mango City.


Wed May 25, 2016 8:00 am

I've been thinking about doing a 2D SSX game in Construct 2 where the gameplay would be kind of like SkiFree but with better tricks/tracks/racing and better graphics, and where you would walk around the SSX "village" between runs talking to the other characters, buying stuff, etc. The old SSX character smileys by Krystony could be a good start graphics-style-wise.

It would be hard obviously but you could start out small and then add on functionality.

I made this business-RPG with pokemon graphics before, and I managed to figure out how to do quite a lot of stuff:

Anyway, this might be a cool way to create kind of a fan-sequel to SSX, and while it would obviously be inferior gameplay wise, it would allow us to realize a setting like this and contribute something to the SSX 'canon'...

Thu Jun 09, 2016 1:39 pm

Joni - Love the drawing dude, the bongo mountain reminds me of the imported iceberg in Tricky :thumbsup

Flexx - It would be awesome if you could make something. Love to see what you can come up with :yes
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