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PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 10:24 pm  Post subject: IMPORTANT - Scoreboard Announcement  
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Please read the following if you have been sending in scores to the scoreboard for the past month.

As of 7/28/04, I stopped receiving the e-mails that the scoreboard form sends me whenever someone fills out a score. Normally, this is no big deal, as the e-mail engine has some on-and-off problems and typically I receive the e-mails within a few days. However, I haven't received a single scoreboard entry from the site for almost a month now, and haven't talked to grandmort since before that time as well. That presents some big problems that cannot be fixed right away - and that means we have to change how things are processed. I do not know when the e-mail problems with the site will be fixed, and until I talk to grandmort, we can rest assured they will not fix themselves.

Therefore, I'm instituting the following changes to the scoreboard rules. For the time being, until I start receiving e-mails again, please use the "Scoreboard Entries" thread to enter scores for the scoreboard. Normally this is not allowed, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I don't want to cancel the scoreboard because the site is having e-mail problems.

However, please observe the following rules when entering scores into the SSX and SSX Tricky scoreboards: (These rules will be adhere to very strictly.)

    1) Only one bulletin board post per person between scoreboard updates. If you achieve a new time or score, edit your existing post. I can't stress this enough - please add new scores onto your existing post. The scoreboard updaters will only check your first post when updating the scoreboard. It is YOUR job to update your scores as you get them between updates- not ours. If we update the wrong score, we will not make a special case to update the incorrect score. That is your responsibility. If you can't follow this rule, we are under no obligation to update your scores.

    After I have updated the scoreboard, we will delete all the entries made before the update. That is to keep the thread from getting too large. After that, feel free to make a new post with your new scores, but again, edit it after you post it the first time if you have new scores. Do NOT continously post comments like "When is the scoreboard getting updated?!" The more you complain, the longer it takes.

    2) Don't clog up the Scoreboard Entries thread with comments/concerns about the scoreboard. That thread is only for your entries - use THIS thread for scoreboard issues like whether we received past scores and the like. Likewise, if you put scoreboard updates in THIS thread, we will not post them. This thread is only for official scoreboard "issues" and not entries.

    3) It is absolutely, 100% mandatory that you use the following form when putting in new scores. If you simply post your name and scores, we WILL not post them. If you do not include ALL the information required below, your entry will be invalidated. Copy and paste this into a new post and simply input the information as needed:

    Your e-mail address:
    Your Full Name or Pseudo:
    Below, list the scores you wish to enter into the scoreboard, including track name, score and character used.

    Two very important notes: a) Make SURE your e-mail address works. If it doesn't, your scoreboard entry will be disqualified. We need a working e-mail address to contact you with questions. b) Make sure you include the track name and character alogn with the score. If you do not, we may disqualify your entry. I will include this entry on the scoreboard scores thread in the first post.

    4. Do NOT post screenshots in this thread!! Instead, link only to a webpage with your screenshots, OR send them to the administrator of the bulletin board via their e-mail. Laidback0378 runs the SSX 3 scoreboard (laidback0378 (at) and I run the SSX and SSX Tricky scoreboards: gondee5 (at)

This system will remain for the time being until we can get the scoreboard form to start working again. Hopefully we can get things working again soon, but until then, we have to make due. Thanks for your help.

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