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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 2:29 am  Post subject: The Worlds 1st SSX Tricky ROM Hack  
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Hello again! Update! Check it out! Was looking at some more hex stuff, and I found some actual code, with comments, that controls some important parts of the game. These pieces of code can be downloaded at:

As far as I'm concerned, I don't know what programming language it is. Probably 'cause I only do Adobe Flash. :heh. But yeah. View it, see what it is and make contributions to help out with hacking Tricky.


Hello, folks of Merq!

I, PeterGlassJar, have created the...
Yes, you read that correctly, I really have created the...
Are you prouda me?
What I've done is super simple- I'm still exploring what are the cans and can'ts. So far, I've been able to change all Spin, Trick, Uber Trick, Rail, etc prefixes and suffixes. An example would be...


As you can see, "Sad Sack" has been replaced with "Sad Salad".
All I did was download a hex editor, and check out some stuff. I noticed a few words and file formats, like...

"EDDIE.BIG", "ELIS.BIG", "MARI.BIG", etc. Then I also saw...

"EDDIE.BMC", "ELIS.BMC", "MARI.BMC" and so forth. You know the rest. After, I saw things like...

"gari.sss" and "elysium.sss" as well as "JGARI.SSS" and "JELYSIUM.SSS". They're definitley gonna tracks.
Also, just a quick note: .BIG files are apparently files that EA BIG used for their games, I guess? And .BMCs are sound files. I.e.: I found a file called "Megaplexfan.BMC".

And tonnes of other stuff. If you wanna see, get a hex editor, and search up random words. Maybe you'll find something for the future of ROM hacking.


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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:35 pm  Post subject: Re: The Worlds 1st SSX Tricky ROM Hack  
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mah boi always making me proud

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