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Mon May 16, 2016 1:56 pm

Image Rithek is our third streamer highlight, and you'd be amazed at what he does on his stream! Records are set on the regular and you'd do yourself a favor by tuning in. We've highlighted him on the Content Highlight on the index but you can also catch him at his channel at Twitch.

We've also updated the Master Runs, and you should check out the damn-near-perfect Much-2-Much run by Rastapo and the great Peak 2 Jam by fliper. You can check the update after the break.


Master Runs update - 5.16.16
  • Much-2-Much - 1.867 million by Rastapo
  • Launch Time - 1.95 million by Rastapo
  • Peak 2 Jam - 20.48 million by fliper
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