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PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:52 pm  Post subject: SSX Game of the Year 2012 Round-Up  
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Image With SSX cleaning up at the 2012 VGA's, we thought it would be an excellent idea to have an end of the year wrap-up on just how well SSX did in everyone's accounting of the best games of 2012.

The verdict? Not too shabby! Below is a sampling of a few of the prizes SSX won across the internet, with far more after the break. SSX is back, and everyone knows it baby!

Best Sports Game of 2012
"This is a return to the series’ Golden Age, complete with illuminated TRICKY letters, Run DMC and outrageous characters, but while it recaptures the euphoria playing SSX Tricky inspired over a decade ago, the series has come a long way."

Best Sports Game of 2012 - #7
"The reboot, released in February, was a revelation: By re-revolutionizing the snowboarding game, it reminded gamers who'd played the original just how innovative, creative, and downright brilliant it was. The graphics, lush, the characters, hilarious, and the gameplay is as perfect as it could be (with a halfway decent story mode, too). "
Source: Complex

Best Use of Dubstep, 2012 - #3 :P
"SSX has dubstep in its soundtrack, but it also has music like hip hop. Its best use comes from a mixture of the two. When entering Tricky Mode, Run DMC and heavy drops join forces to bring you into the wild world of dubstep (it makes you a better snowboarder). If you want to skip forward to what we're talking about, go to 0:20."
Source: GameSparked
The Ten Best Video Games of 2012 - #10
"Not the return to form many were hoping for, a sudden U-turn in development left SSX awkwardly combining grittiness (oxygen levels, avalanches, freezing conditions) with the series’ traditional over-the-top gameplay."
Source: The List

Twelve Best Video Games of 2012 - #11
"It’s the 5th installment in the series and EA Canada brought back some familiar faces from SSX games’ past. Up until this point, SSX Tricky was my favorite of the series. But 2012′s SSX introduced new game play elements to a familiar story making the concept of snow boarding around the world through some rather “Deadly Descents” an intense and addictive video game experience."
Source: Geek Nation

Runner-up, Best Racing Game
Source: GameTrailers

Runner-up, Best Overall Sports Game
Source: IGN

Runner-up, Best Sports Game
Source: Playstation Lifestyle

Runner-up, Best Sports Game
"SSX even had an impressive showing; the evolution of snowboarding is here!"
Source: GameRevolution

Runner-up, Best Sports Game
Source: Sunday Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia

Best Sports Game of the Year, Nominee
Source: Examiner

Lest we only highlight the good stuff, below is the bad marks for SSX. Stuff like this can only make the game better!

Biggest Disappointments of 2012
"SSX might think itself a little unlucky to be on this list, but we just don't think the new SSX feels like an SSX game. Many of you will no doubt disagree, but EA's reboot just doesn't have the magic of its forbears."

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