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Forum to discuss the fourth installment of the SSX series
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Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:18 am

I have a genuine copy of SSX on Tour on the PSP and it is way different to the PS2, XBOX and Gamecube versions
1:Tracks. The tracks are from SSX 3. Actually to tell you, IT IS SSX 3! but the tracks are spelled differently.
2:Customization. You don't get most of it, every gear has bonuses like speed, trick, spin, edging etc. You got to unlock gear by competing in The Tour. You get to change the board and ski's, they come with bonuses too.
3:Characters. To get characters, you must complete shred events with that character. All of the Characters are from SSX on Tour, but they look different, some of the characters are black(no offence). I dont mind that, were all the same no matter what race you are.
4:Soundtrack. The soundtrack is fine, its the same music for SSX on Tour. The music is extended which gets on my nerves, you will have to hear the intro(which is about 0:10-1:00 long).
5:Gameplay. The gameplay has bad quality. It is just a bit bad. The tricks are the same in SSX 3 but you can't choose what tricks you want to use.

Thanks for wasting your life reading this.

Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:11 am

I like wasting my life on SSX, even though I never considered the PSP version of SSX On Tour to be part of the SSX family.

Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:15 am

Ive got very different views on the gameplay. Its easily the best snowboarding game on the psp. The controls are easy and fun (the only problem being when you press [] to boost and you accidentally grab).

Its great to have ssx on the go with you imo :)

Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:50 am

The game is excellent. You have to look quite a bit to find differences in the graphics. Gameplay is pure SSX as you know it. It's just stale because all the tracks are from SSX3. But if you've never played SSX it's a great game.

Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:17 pm

I always wished I had a portable version of SSX 3, which I agree, SSX on Tour for the PSP is almost SSX 3 with the charcters and music from SSX on Tour. I mean, I enjoyed SSX 3 more, and honestly the greatest part of the PSP SSX on Tour was the SSX 3 factors in it in my opinion. Thats just what I'm thinking whenever I play the PSP version.

Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:46 pm

Take a guess who developed the game....here's a hint: it's the same as the people that developed SSX Blur.

Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:40 am

No wonder... I would've never thought that... ;)
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