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Forum to discuss the fourth installment of the SSX series
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Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:19 am

i want to hear people's views on the characters and their new appearences, please forget their egos and personalities, this is soly about their look, i actually have a question for people on this can u help me out?

Q: Why is Skye in OT not wearing her costume from her profile picture (blue camo jacket, fur line hood, navy blue pants etc....) in th game she is wearing a completley different outfit (jeans, sleeveless jacket/ body warmer, white undershirt) i have checked skye's 2nd costuem too by playing 2 player, it is just a different colour of C1, so where is that blue camo jacket outfit? it is her profiel pic, in the game photos (or some of them anyway) and not to mention far cooler then the one i'm stuck with. can anyone tell me what happened there?

as for the other characters costuems here is what i think:

elise: C1: perfect, suits her greatly, would have prefered long hair not shrot but i don;t mind the short. C2: TERRIBLE black doesn't suit elise, it should have been blue and white or somin like that one in SSX 3.

Mac: C1: aweful shirt, jeans are fine, turn the cap backward and give him a more simple shirt like maybe...dark red or somin

Kaori:....who snowboards in a skirt? that is too outlandish even for SSX they could have given her tights or leggings under the skirt at least.

Sid fine but hate C2 only C1 suits him

Allegra: C2 is great and C1 would be except for the baby blue tank top, it just doesn't suit her, change to an orange onel iek her top in SSX 3 n it would be perfect (orange is allegras signature colour!)

Nate: C1: SWEEET prefer him shaved head but long is ok too, haven't seen C2 of his though

Tyson: C1 is perfect except for the headband (i presume it;s a headband it may be a beanie either way i don;t think he needed that) C2 is okish

Psymon: WORST!!! he needs his iconic hair back, if he had that i would like his costuem but without his signature hair....it's like looking at elvis bald it doesn't fit

Zoe: Both costuems are awesome and fit perfectly >:)

Skye: i don;t mind the jean n body warmer but i really wish i could use that blue camo jacket why isn't it available :|

Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:58 am

I think zoe's hair in SOT is ugly

Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:56 am

cna't honestyl say i understand your view...it's the same as always just tied back and a little mroe red then usual and her second costuem has it in that crazy two ponytail style from the first SSX game, of all the character Zoe feels the most familiar to how she was before, excepot her voice...sigh i miss bif naked's voice it suited her so well

Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:26 am

Exactly! It's similar but still different! She looks best in SSX3, My favourite SSX

Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:49 am

i kind of like OT and SSX 3 equally (but for different reasons) as my favorite; zoe strikes me as a wild chick who never looks the same twice which is why she is the only character whom i think every costume she's ever had suits her. she is the only girl who can make the twin ponytail thing look wild, wicked and awesome. on any other girls that style looks girly and wimpish but on Zoe...sick in that cool way.

Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:44 pm

For the question...that's Allegra, lol.

Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:03 am

My Opinions on their appearences...

Mac: He's ok. At first when I saw that he cut off his hair I was like wtf but then something made me remember that he had a shaved head in SSX when he was 15 then I was like ohhhh ok.. But other than that he's ok w/ me.

Kaori: I got nothing to say about her but I like how that her personality changed a lot, I kinda lol'd at it.

Elise: I'm very disappointed about Elise's appearance. Her hair and clothes is so trash to me, I hate it, that's not Elise. Elise is all about beauty and shiz but one thing tho she got the body. If you look close at her face, she looks like she don't give a f**k about how she looks. Compare/contrast her clothes and hairstyle from SSX Tricky/SSX 3 to OT.. -__-.

Zoe: I got nothing to say about Zoe either. Zoe looks the same to me tho, but I kinda hate her voice acting a lil bit but still tho she's still the same to me.

Psymon: Psymon didn't change at all to me, just his hair. His personality and everything is still there like Zoe.

Allegra: Omfg, she got a butt and breast like Elise imo. She went from strawberry blonde to brunette, it's ok. :)

Nate: Dude, Shaved Nate from SSX 3 looks better, OT Nate is horrible looking -___-..

I'm just giving my opinions about the veterans not the newcomers.
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