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PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:57 pm  Post subject: Re: Why OT sucks (In my opinion)  
Joined: Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:15 am
Rank: Master
Location: United Kingdom
LOL yes i know this, but all the characters have background, personality and so on that brings them to life when your playing the games, if i was to compile all the factual stuff i know about Zoe from the games her profile would be somin liek this:

Name: Zoe Payne
Age: 24
Nickname: Royal Payne
Height: 5’6
Nationality: American (???)
Rank: Veteran
Stance: Regular
Board Type: BX
Riding Partner: Moby or Psymon
Rival: Moby, Psymon
Enemy: Elise
Event: All
Other Sport/s: Free Skiing, Mountain Biking, Dirt Bike Racing
Signature Move: Pommel Me
Title: The Mountain Hell Cat

Off Season: Running a bike shop, hanging with Moby Jones, doing Xtreme Sports and pushing my body to the limits.

The Word: “I Bleed Adrenaline!”
Thing in the World: Living On The Edge
Thing to Hate: Inline Skaters
Favourite Course: Alaska

One Liner: Wild, sporty and street savvy, Royal Payne is an adrenaline junky and an exotic icon of independence and individuality.

Bio: Zoe “Royal” Payne has a mysterious background but from the moment she could ride a bike she became firmly entrenched in the Mountain Biking scene taking the extreme terrain riding to a whole new level. In doing this she gained international recognition with ease, where she came from… nobody knows, making her all the more popular. Taking her Xtreme Sports into frosty new territory she entered the SSX World Tour at the age of 19 and rapidly became the crowd favourite. Zoe’s key to stardom was surprisingly not any of her insane riding but instead being the first person to publicly humiliate Elise. Young, wild and extremely independent her unique style and personality has always made her stand out from the rest of the SSX Crew. Zoe has stayed the crowd favourite ever since, the “Wild Card” on the circuit. Zoe goes out of her way to stay unique; she laughs off trends and fads, preferring to mix and make her own styles, rather than follow others. She’s the puzzle men can’t help but try and figure out. The off seasons for Zoe were all about finding a balance; she took off on a series of gruelling and gnarly solo bike treks into the deepest and most treacherous jungles and across isolated mountain ranges, her only motivation was herself. Physically and mentally she is now at a level few could ever hope to understand let alone reach. Zoe has plans to run a bike/ coffee shop with Moby Jones once the SSX Circuit ends but until then she’ll ride like the one of a kind “Hell Cat” that she is.

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