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The Gravitude Bar • View topic - UPDATE: Character Art - Tyson Logan and Sid!
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Tue Jul 26, 2005 5:25 pm

For weeks and weeks, there have been a ton of topics on the forum have been wondering about the characters that were in SSX On Tour. Well, your patience has been rewarded!

EA has decided to release the Character Art for SSX On Tour through the #1 Fan Site for SSX - Merqury City! Each week, a new character will be featured along with their bio, one character a week.

This week: Sid and Tyson!

[center] Sid

Sid is a certain 'kind' of celebrity. You're either fascinated by him,
worship him, or completely despise him. Sid is a funkified philosopher who allows his unique fashion and surgical riding to do his talking. Cold, aloof, Sid is rarely seen without his massive sunglasses and serious expression. Sid rarely
speaks to anyone other than his crew; he looks down upon all - especially the other SSX riders and skiers most Sid is the type of guy who would have hung around Andy Warhol and his kind, Sid's personality is quite similar - quirky, bizarre, mixed with a definite dose of the twisted.

But it all disappears on the mountain. Riding hard Sid turns into a hollering fool, distracting his competitors, pulling down wins - and establishing himself as the next wild thing. Oh yeah - he's crazy for Kaori.

AGE 27
MASS 158lbs
AKA The Smipster

[center] Tyson Logan

Tyson is 8 years Nate's junior. Growing up on the ranch Tyson let it
be known early he was the insane one in the family. His formative years
were spent breaking everything he owned - bike, skateboard, dog, skis.
Tyson always looked up to Nate, and often attempted bigger and better
stunts just to impress him. When Nate hit the tour Tyson decided he
would follow in his big bros footsteps - but in his own way -
Tyson has done well for being a newbie on the SSX circuit. Even at
such an early stage Tyson has shown his stuff by attracting a gaggle of top
name sponsors. Looking smooth and slick in free shwag - Tyson is
prepping to unleash his riding insanity on his unsuspecting competitors.

NAME Tyson Logan
AGE 20
MASS 160lbs
AKA The Captain

[center] Elise Riggs
Image [/center]

A born self promoter, when she's out of the media's eye she gets
restless. With a steady bubbling of aggression under the surface,
Elise has been known to go 'on a tear' when the circuit is done.
Seeking an endless stream of challenges to keep things fresh, Elise has
tried her hand at launching her own 'Amazon-type' clothing line,
starring in a few films (B horror, sexy female commando), dating and
chewing up a long list of A list celebrity suitors, and showing a
complete lack of restraint when it comes to getting into trouble.
Ambitious, driven - if she's not fighting for gold on the SSX circuit
she's tearing the place apart due to boredom.
With skiing debuting on the circuit this year - Elise sees an
opportunity to reinvent herself - and add another series of wins to her

NAME Elise Riggs
AGE 28
MASS 155lbs
AKA Bombshell

[center] Skye Simms
Image [/center]

SSX On Tour Bio: Skye

Female skier from Australia (Gold Coast). Considered the rising star of the freeski world. Epitomizes the surfer girl persona of freshness, good health, unforced cool, and athleticism. She’s a clothing sponsor’s dream come true.

Has a bit of an edge to her (similar to young tennis protégés – sweet & talented, but deep down possessing an almost psychotic drive and focus).

Where Allegra is rude and aggressive – Skye is chirpy and ambitious. Everything she does is for competition – hobbies are centered around improving her chances of winning on the slopes – surfing, triathlons, cycling.

There is immediate friction between her and Allegra – although Skye may be hyper and positive – she doesn’t suffer fools, and doesn’t like being made fun of (her accent) or challenged.

Sets herself apart from the others by being known for her edge control at high speeds and dangerous high alpine challenges.

NAME Skye Simms
AGE 18
MASS 112lbs
AKA Bean

[center] Kaori Nishidake

SSX On Tour Bio: Kaori

Known in the past as the ‘Tokyo Pop Girl’, Kaori was always the friendliest, chirpiest one on the circuit. Although still ready with a smile – Kaori has toned it down a bit – especially after hanging out with ‘crazy man’ Sid.

Her attitude has shifted to fully focusing on her success. Her style of riding and fashion has grown up a bit - but still uniquely hers. With the new circuit underway Kaori is dead centre of the winning, the partying, and the action. Friendly to a fault, Kaori has developed a bit of an edge this time around. Some say it’s the increased level of competition – others blame it on her new ‘friend’ – Sid.

NAME Kaori Nishidake
AGE 21
MASS 108lbs
AKA Tricky' Nishidake
STANCE Regular

SSX On Tour Bio:

[center] Grandmort (Nate Logan)
Image [/center]

SSX On Tour Bio: Nate

Nate was always known as a big time ‘Mountain Man’. His work horse ethic and straight shooting attitude got him far when he entered onto the SSX circuit.

Although Nate enjoys the company of his fellow SSX’rs, he still prefers the emptiness and solitude of the high alpine. He puts up with the interviews, photo shoots, guest appearances – to a point. It’s a necessary evil, keeps him front and centre of his competitors.

Nate prepped for the new circuit by immersing himself in the backcountry. Riding every day, catching his own meals – a self imposed backcountry boot camp has made him hungrier – and tougher – than he ever was.

Nate has established himself as a major player.

NAME Nate Logan
AGE 28
MASS 228lbs
AKA Bull
STANCE Regular

[center] Psymon Stark


Psymon has always been known as a lunatic - out to hurt himself and
those around him by going bigger and scarier than anyone else.
With the biggest SSX season yet starting up - Psymon has changed his
'strategy' a bit. It's become less about the' big and scary show' - and
more about channeling the fury into becoming an icon.
Watching the other SSX'rs reap the benefits of fat sponsors and
lucrative marketing - Psymon is demanding his cut of the pie. Although
he hired an agent to help him get what he wanted - three days into the
relationship Psymon head-butted him repeatedly, reduced him to tears,
and caused him to wet his pants in public.
Psymon took matters into his own hands - and decided on an image...
The Riding Master of Metal.
NAME Psymon Stark
AGE 30
MASS 168lbs
AKA Sketchy Psymon

[center] Mac Fraser


SSX On Tour Bio: Mac
An older Mac now projects a more confident and capable attitude. Less the erratic and immature young man - more the pro snowboarder who knows his life is going to be filled with the good things - mountains, powder, women, and buds. His teenage sense of mischief and pointless fun still exists - but has now developed into a sly, calculating creative sense of 'what can I mess with now?' He's is no longer the gawky teen with raging acne. With a sweet pad on the mountain (filled with empty pizza boxes, buddies, and video games), Mac is living the pro rider's dream.Doing what he wants, when he wants - with a whole lotta style and an ear to ear smirk.

NAME MacKenzie 'Mac' Fraser
AGE 20
VERTICAL 5 ''10'
MASS 152lbs
AKA Mac 'Smack' Fraser
STANCE Regular

[center] Zoe Payne


SSX4 Bio: Zoe
Zoe has always been the unpredictable one - the one who rides her way -
by her rules.
This year the circuit sees a Zoe who is taking it one step further.
A faster Zoe.
A stronger Zoe.
A skiing Zoe.
Switching to two planks instead of one Zoe has blown the minds of her
fans by taking the sport to a new level of madness. Fully living the
rock star lifestyle, Zoe is tearing up the circuit with new tricks, new
records and new wildness. As usual Zoe has distanced herself from the
rest with her skill and her style.

NAME Zoe Payne
AGE 24
MASS 135lbs
AKA 'Royal' Payne

[center] Allegra Sauvagess

Image [/center]

SSX On Tour Bio: Allegra

Once the up-and-comer – she’s now the bad girl of the circuit. No real fixed address - she crashes with friends, wears whatever, and parties her free time away. Allegra can be found hanging out at the staff housing ghetto, usually sitting in the halls with friends, partying hard, and getting everyone psyched to go out on the town.

Young and energetic she turns her nose at training. Allegra uses her natural ability and young muscles to power her way through her comps. Her past youthful eagerness and attitude have grown into full blown aggression. Tabloids pounced on the story of Allegra taking a swing at Elise, having a fling with Psymon (she left him teary eyed – he never recovered).

Sponsors barely tolerate her, and do so because of her string of successes.

Many wonder if Allegra will simply burn out.

NAME Allegra Sauvagess
AGE 20
MASS 125lbs
AKA Big Al

Psst, check the board. :D

Enjoy, and express your appreciation to EA for these wonderful exclusives! :yes :china :notworthy

Keep checking back on the first post in this thread for future character exclusives!
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Tue Jul 26, 2005 5:39 pm

And people say EA has forgotten us fans? Yeah, right! We're proabably the most blessed fan community anywhere! And the snowboard? Hooray EA!

Allegra is looking great, if not a little "plain Jane." Her style is a little more polished, but she definitely looks like she'll still be ol' faithful Allegra!

Tue Jul 26, 2005 5:43 pm

Holy shit! Does this mean Royank's board is actually going to be in the game? :eek

Tue Jul 26, 2005 5:50 pm

Oh my god, rock fucking house. This rocks. Thank you so much EA, and gondee. I bet the new characters will be last, though, :P

So that board, did EA actually put it there or did you put there, gondee? That would rock so hard if royank's board made it...

Tue Jul 26, 2005 5:53 pm

That character art is straight from EA, rendered by them, so yeah, the board is actually in there. :)

Tue Jul 26, 2005 6:05 pm

That is so fucking tight!!! Those textures are impressive, too.

Tue Jul 26, 2005 6:06 pm

Holy mess, this is so killer... :pimp :woot

Thanks EA!

Tue Jul 26, 2005 6:08 pm

God Royank is one lucky bastard.

Tue Jul 26, 2005 6:11 pm

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I may of worked harder if I knew that was coming. :heh We are very blessed to have such generous EA designers in existance!
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Tue Jul 26, 2005 6:11 pm

Hell...maybe there will be a big ass billboard somewhere in the game that has this site on it! :heh

But anyways...Gosh Allegra looks awesome and can't wait for the bio! :cheers

Tue Jul 26, 2005 6:15 pm

I think BardicComplainer should see this.

Tue Jul 26, 2005 6:22 pm


EA Big rocks. I've never heard of a company doing this for their fan base.


Tue Jul 26, 2005 7:16 pm

.....I think I'm going to be playing with Allegra more than I usually do.......hehehe. This rocks. Hard.

Tue Jul 26, 2005 7:24 pm

wow...very cool stuff...thanks EA...keep it coming...:woot

Tue Jul 26, 2005 7:39 pm


Tue Jul 26, 2005 7:50 pm

Man, gondee, you and EA are awesome!!

Allegra's looking good! Can't wait for the bios and such!

That makes five confirmed characters (Allegra, Elise, Mac, Nate, and Kaori), with the strong possibilities of Zoe and Psymon. This would mean no more characters will return as full on characters.

Tue Jul 26, 2005 7:58 pm

Way hella cool!!! [allegra] (<--so is this smiley!) Thanks a bunch for postin it here gondee...for some reason wasn't able to open the file sent to computer geeky-ness in me isn't so strong anymore...hahah! Anyway, jus had to chime in with the rest of yas...

<---It may say I'm a newbie here...but oooh...I'm so NOT! :wink

Tue Jul 26, 2005 8:09 pm

OMG OMG, I voted for him to. lol But hey, props to everyone on this board and gondee. Its nice EA is throwin us a bone.

Tue Jul 26, 2005 8:22 pm

Now I'm wondering... if this Allegra render actually shows up in a magazine, will she have the Merq City board or will it be exchaged for something more generic? Hmmm...

And... it's great to see dolphingirl back! :cheers

Tue Jul 26, 2005 8:46 pm

dolphingirl wrote:Way hella cool!!! [allegra] (<--so is this smiley!) Thanks a bunch for postin it here gondee...for some reason wasn't able to open the file sent to computer geeky-ness in me isn't so strong anymore...hahah!

The file is a Mac Photoshop file. :D

Krispy wrote:Now I'm wondering... if this Allegra render actually shows up in a magazine, will she have the Merq City board or will it be exchaged for something more generic? Hmmm...


Seeing has how the board comes on it's own layer...doubtful. :heh
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Tue Jul 26, 2005 9:00 pm

gondee wrote:Seeing has how the board comes on it's own layer...doubtful. :heh

I meant maybe they'd change the design on the board for a different graphic. But I don't know a lot about this art stuff works. :heh

Tue Jul 26, 2005 9:04 pm

congrats to royank!!!!
now Im wondering if EA willl listen to my suggestions about songs......... (HIGH CONTRAST!!!!!!!)
I certainly like the `Bump Mapping` on her. Lol

Tue Jul 26, 2005 10:07 pm


A guy can dream. Right? :heh :heh :heh

Wed Jul 27, 2005 12:33 am

Excellent! Thanks Gondee for giving me an email heads up about this. I would have missed the exclusive!

BTW guys, I just got my first tattoo outline inked in. It's my persona character Firebrand:

Can't wait to get it colored in!

Wed Jul 27, 2005 12:40 am

I knew that was Allegra all along I am so happy now lol. W00t Go Allegra she looks AWESOME.
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