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Style Mile - Peak Two Slopestyle

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 7:04 pm
from: gondee
Article type: Walkthrough
Viewed: 879

Walkthrough Goal - 7,500,000
Skill Level - Master

Style Mile 7.5+ guide... *Please note, if you do not understand anything I
am stating in this guide, please feel free to download the respective 7.37M
run done by me located at*

1. Immediately out of the gate, do a quick Misty, but veer immediately to
the right and do a quick Rodeo... Next, do some boardpresses with some 180\'s
to get your boost bar filled up... Once it is, turn around and do a quick
uber up the hill.

2. Now that you have \'U\' spelled out, before you go to the next hill,
do some more 180\'s to get your combo to x30.. Do you see the x2??
Good, do 3 Ubers through it.

3. Landing, go to the left. You should see a bit of a rock. DO NOT BOOST.
Flying over this hill, if you launched off it correctly, you have the time
to pull of two quick SA\'s.

4. Remain moving forward, but tap-boost with yourself in a board-press
movement thus keeping your combo. Launch off this left hill doing 2 SA\'S
through the x5. Target Score: 475K

5. Landing, veer to the right. You should see a green rail. Get on it
and boost. This next part is all about how you land coming off the
aforementioned green rail. When you come off the rail, boost like mad,
but prep yourself by holding the down direction of the D-pad. If you boost
exactly, you will have enough time to get to the top of the HILL WHILE
keeping your combo. Wait, why did I just do all of this?? Well, that is
because you are about to pull off 2 X through this x10 netting you well
over 820K.

6. Next, comes a really hard part to pull off. If you do not do this
on your first attempt, do not do an alpmaster going, simply keep trying.
Believe me, I did not get this on my first attempt. Anyhow, landing,
veer to the left WHILE speed-boosting. If you do this correctly, you
will have sufficient air to launch off and do 2 X through the x3 in
the air.

7. Landing, maintain a somewhat straight path while speed-boosting.
If you do this correctly, you will launch off this half-pipe with
enough air to do an X to SA through the x2. You will see that you
are running out of time, do not worry!

Continue on your path, but go to the right and up the mountain a bit.
Fly off with enough air to complete 2 SA. If you do this right,
you will land with about 1 second left. Fly off the green hill
doing a X. Target Score: 1.78M

8. Continue on your current path. You will see a green rail on your
left, do not get on it. Speed-boost off this next hill giving
yourself enough air to do 2 SA (some say an X to SA if possible,
but I found trying that ruins the next section.)

9. Landing, you will see a pair of green rails. Do not boost, but
fly over this hill do a SA through the x3. You may land with a thud,
but refocus yourself, for this next part is simply one of the most
frustrating sections.

10. You will want to speed-boost up this pipe, but more over to the right.
As you get up the hill enough, let go of the speed-boost, but continue
boosting. If you do this all correctly, you will give yourself sufficient
air to do an X to SA. Target Score: 2.67M

11. Continue going forward until you see a green hill on the left that
goes upward. Speed-boost onto it granting yourself the sufficient air to do 2 SA.

12. Once you land, you will, again, see a green hill that is at an upward
slant. Speed-boost a bit and then boost off the hill doing 2 SA through
the x2.

13. Veer to the right and do the same as part 12 through this x2 over the rocks.

14. A bit forward, you will see a bridge and a little yellow hill. Speed-boost
off the yellow hill doing an X through the x2.

15. Speed-boost foward upon landing doing an X to SA through the x5.
Target Score: 3.4 Million

16. You will see a house a bit to the right. Jump up on the roof and
grind the rail. If you continue forward, it will lead you to a rail that
will cause a big gong to ring from your grinding it. Fly off this doing
an X through the x3.

17. When you land, you will be on this roof. Get off of it and veer to the
right a bit. You will see a long green rail. Handplant on this. With the
extra time, you will want to boost off this SLIGHTLY to grant yourself
the necessary air to do 2 SA BUT also to land in a manner that will leave
you facing the opposite direction, thus allowing yourself to go BACK up the course.

18. If you are facing the right direction, fly off doing an X to SA.

19. Get back on this green rail, but this time, use full boost and fly off
doing another X to SA, stalling the SA for about 72K. (some say that an
X to X can be done or X to SA to SA.. I have never tried though...)

20. Landing, the next part is very important. You will want to
speed-boost to the right a bit on this hill.

21. If you do this correctly, you will fly off this hill giving yourself enough
air to do 2 X through the final x10.

22. Landing, you will see a green looping rail. Get on it and lean a bit to
the left and boost. If you lean enough by the time you come over the rail,
you will be on a straight path, thus giving yourself the maximum air to
pull off 2 X through the final x5 for nearly 410K.

23. With the time left, do a few quick misty\'s and cross with a score that
is in the high 7 millions.

*Please note, in my actual video, I messed up on step 12 doing essential
one SA. Because I had not done the necessary amount of moves to reset the
system (if you are going over this, read gondee\'s FAQ about this.)
So, I lost nearly 110K points there and nearly 66K ( 33K of actual
move points X2 due to myself having x30) of combo points. If you do this
line exactly, you will be able to have a score around 7.6-7.7 Million.
Because I messed up on part 12, I ended up with 7.37 Million.

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