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The Throne - Peak Three Backcountry Race

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 6:57 pm
from: gondee
Article type: Walkthrough
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Walkthrough Goal - 2:32
Skill Level - Hard

Should be done with a character at full stats.

Keep in mind that along this route every second that you are touching the
ground you should be holding boost, and every time you come off the ground
you should be doing a flip and grab or a quick uber to keep your boost
meter from going empty. I didn’t jump much either either, just enough
to clear gaps and to keep some boost in my meter, and no crashing whatsoever.

1. Immediately turn right and jump off the lip, you should land in a crevice
(don’t worry it’s a good crevice.)

2. Land and go through the narrow opening between two large rocks, it’s a
small jump as well, you’ll fly over a lil gap and the other half of the
jump, land and then take a hard right down the hill, you’ll see a large
gap and jump ahead of you. Go over the jump.

3. Land and then try to get on the ice rails ahead of you, these will shoot
you through a small cave like opening, and then off a giant icicle thing,
grind it if you can.

4. Land and head straight ahead to avoid the snow lip falling off. The path
branches just ahead of you, take the path on the right that goes uphill just
slightly. This will send you into an ice field with lots of ice mounds.

5. Just haul ass down this trying not to get to much air, there are ice
rails in here which you can ride for more speed, although I did not use them.
Make sure you don’t go off the avalanche patrol gun at the bottom of the
ice field.

6. At the end of the ice field there will be a gap and the other side the
entrance to a cave, try to be on the left side of the ice field so that you
can jump into the cave on the left.

7. Cross the gap and there will be falling ice chunks so watch out for those,
fairly quickly you will come to another gap, this one has a jump before it.
Cross the gap and then try to get on the ice rails, they will shoot you out
of the cave.

8. Once out of the cave, head to your left and downhill, you will come to a
ledge, with an ice rail going along the outside edge of it. Get on this rail
and lean towards the mountain, you will ride the ice rail til you jump, kind
of makes you jump, so try to really pull off some major tricks on this one.

9. When you land there are two ways to go, right and left, go left, you may
have to take a pretty hard left depending on how much air you got off the
last jump.

10. After going left try to stay high up and you will see a lip like jump
ahead of you. take it and it will put you into a chute, ride the chute
til it ends, you will have large rock wall on your left, stay parallel
with it til you come to a lip, that is right at the end of the rock wall.
Don’t take the lip go down and to the right of it to find a cave entrance.

11. There’s a gap you will have to jump very early in the cave, and after
that there will be some ice waves (best way I can think to describe them),
the cave will shoot you out in the open and you will see two mounds with
logs sticking out of \'em. Head for the right side of the track and try to
shoot between the rocks on the right and the mound. This will send you
down a big chute that has a little cave at the bottom.

12. Shoot through the little cave, continue downhill til you see a tree
sticking horizontally, out of a lip. Grind the tree and you will land in
front of the ice halfpipes, turn hard left when you land so that you don’t
go off of one of the halfpipes and waste a bunch of time in the air. So go
hard left and shoot down the halfpipe, don’t grind the tree you come to,
instead go right around, because it shoots in the air to much. You will
probably get some air as it is a lip that you’re going off of.

13. When you land go to the left, and you’ll see a mound jump, go to the
left of it. You’ll most likely get a little air here to, so when you land
you will have a tree directly in front of you. Grind it, and it will put
you into a chute, continue down this chute and you will come to grindable
log on your left. Don’t take this one, but shortly after this on you will
come to another tree on your left(kinda hard to see the second one so keep
your eyes open), grind this one, and it will put you right on the main path
to the finish, you know you\'re in the right spot if the plane goes cruising

14. Nothing to do now but just haul ass straight ahead to the finish line,
and then pat yourself on the back because you just earned a Platinum Medal!!

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