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SSX 3 Masters

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 7:35 pm
from: gondee
Article type: General
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SSX3 Masters
This is the story behind all the SSX3 masters

Mad Jo3- Joe started out a MASTER!!! (Among his friends that is) he thought he was the best so he wanted to share his greatness so he looked up some SSX stuff and realized he needed greatness! That’s when he joined Merqury city watched master runs and is now one of the KINGS of SSX3 racing!!!

IceXtreme- What can I say this guy rules all of racing he reigns along with Mad Jo3 Ice has some of the toughest records For just about every racing track and continues to RULE!!! “Many have tried they all have failed”

RE virus- The EMPORER OF SLOPESTLYE!!! RE holds the world records for all slopestyle courses R&B, Style Mile, Kick doubt all is his turf!!

JXR- Just a step down from RE virus in slopestyle still an incredible SSX 3 freestyler and very respected around Merqurycity

Chaosracer2- yet another AWESOME racer! chaos holds the world record for the ALL PEAK RACE YES I SAID IT!!! and many more incredible records

Elevation- another ruler of the backcountry racing al though elevation gets his on groove on the old fashioned racing and is in the top 5 for every track

Oniz- a 2nd JXR has many great freestyle records and is very respected and uses the one and only ELISE!!!

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