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Glitch Events

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 7:27 pm
from: gondee
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Occasionally when you use wormholes to fall through the track, you can get unintended side effects, one of them is Races in events that aren\'t races. Below is all you need to know about the various Glitch Events in SSX 3 and how to get them.

Here is a video by Legend Armlet detailing ALL the glitch races in SSX 3. Many, many thanks to him for providing video documentation of all these amazing side-effects of falling through wormholes!

SSX 3 Unreal Races - 38.5 MB ... _races.wmv

First, the media:
The Blue Station Glitch - Located here: ...

How to do the Blue Station Race:
From Madeo:
It\'s pretty simple, but requires some fast selecting. Go to the end of snowjam and head way to the right in front of the goal and start pressing select, be careful not to land. U can crash, but never get on your feet. Just continue to press select as u get through the goal. The time will come up, but continue anyway. Don\'t press select too fast, as it sometimes will count as 1 and then u will land. Some say it\'s easier to just hold forward and then select when u crash. I only press select, but do a front flip to crash when I find myself stuck. Continue through the cave. When u reach the edge. U will need to crash once in order to get further. Then continue selecting until u start hearing Atomica\'s voice. After a while a screen will pop up with blue station race event. Now u can get to junction but there will only be a big wh there. Online though, the junction race will start. I don\'t think there is nay purpose to this. I have done it several times and not gained a ranking point.

The Junction Race Glitch - Located here: ...

How to do the Junction Race Glitch:
From REVirus:
When you are in the blue station race, just go to Junction from there, and then restart or pass the finish line. Sometimes the game doesn\'t load the next area. All you have to do is restart the blue station race and go to The Junction again, until it does load it.

If you have any more info on glitch events, let gondee know via PM. :yes

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