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Zoe Payne

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 7:24 pm
from: gondee
Article type: General
Viewed: 778

Age - 22

Vertical - 565\"

Mass - 130 lbs

Nationality - American

AKA - Royal Payne

Stance - Regular

Blood Type - B NEG

Thing in the World - Cutting loose

Thing to Hate - Inline skaters

Place to Ride - Crystal Mt., Washington

Riding Partner - Moby Jones

Riding Victim - Griff Simmons

Other Sport - Mountain biking

Trick - Cab

SSX Event - Boardercross

Secret Spot - Refused to answer based on \"It wouldn\'t be a secret then.\"

Food - Turbo Smoothies

Accessory - Piercings

Career Highlight - Anytime I beat Elise.

Boxers or Briefs - What do you think?

Things You Have Broken - The sound barrier.

If You Weren\'t A Pro - Owning my own shop.

The Word - \"Less talk, more riding.\"

Signature Uber - Pommel Me

Zoe\'s style has always pegged her as someone who gives little thought to fads or trends. Instead she starts new ones. To here, image is nothing, brand names inconsequential, and the opinions of her peers secondary to her own self-image. Zoe enters the new season with a fresh perspective and renewed commitment. The off-season for Zoe was all about finding a balance. She took off on a series of grueling and gharly solo bike treks into the deepest and most treacherous jungles, across isolated mountain ranges. Her only motivation was herself. Physically and mentally she is now at a level few could ever hope to understand.

Taken from the SSX 3 Prima Strategy Guide

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