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Crow's Nest - 1.86 million Crow's Nest - 1.86 million

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Perpendiculous -  5.66 million Perpendiculous - 5.66 million

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Throne - 7.01 million Throne - 7.01 million

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Stream Highlight: xcon

Apr 19, 2016 Posted By gondee at 11:02 AM 105 Views // 0 Replies
Image For our second streamer highlight, we're turning the focus to a streamer who doesn't say much, but definitely speaks loudly through his numerous racing records in SSX Tricky! xcon is a SSX Tricky racing powerhouse. Watch xcon as he makes history on his Twitch stream and Youtube channel!

Master Runs Update 4.19.16

Apr 19, 2016 Posted By gondee at 10:47 AM 87 Views // 0 Replies
Image A short but extremely strong set of videos highlights this Master Runs update. Fliper has broken seven million on Throne Jam and Rastapo has set new records on three of the longest-held tracks in SSX 3. Props to both of them!

Master Runs

Stream Highlight: SightlessGorgon

Feb 26, 2016 Posted By gondee at 5:59 PM 378 Views // 0 Replies
Image In a new feature, Merqury City will be occasionally highlighting great players who stream the SSX series on their channels, and point you to them to subscribe and support them in their love of SSX! Community member SightlessGorgon streams SSX Tricky and is a very good showoff player in his own right. Take a look at his channel and give the man his props for showing that SSX passion!

SightlessGorgon on Twitch

Master Runs & Scoreboard Updated - February 26, 2016

Feb 26, 2016 Posted By gondee at 5:46 PM 306 Views // 0 Replies
Image A few new record-setting runs from fliper (who else?) highlights this particular update for the Master Runs. Also, several new scores from fliper, xcon and others in the latest batch of updates to the scoreboard. The community is as impressive as ever, even more than a decade after the heyday of SSX!

Master Runs & SSX Scoreboard

SSX Available as part of PS Plus Lineup for Dec 2015

Dec 3, 2015 Posted By gondee at 10:14 AM 1034 Views // 0 Replies
Image If through some humongous oversight you haven't played SSX (2012) yet, you can pick it up for free if you are subscribed toPlaystation Plus for December 2015. Whether you're starting the game new, or want to pick up an extra digital copy for some reason, be sure to jump on this opportunity!


Fliper breaks years-old records in newest Master Run update

Nov 6, 2015 Posted By gondee at 5:23 PM 958 Views // 0 Replies
Image Fliper has put in some serious work to break some of his old Master Runs records, and you get to enjoy the results right here on Merqury City! Although the update is only two videos, his run on Style Mile (10.3 million) and The Throne (6.65 mil) are already the stuff of legend! You can find the Master Runs update list after the break and the videos highlighted above.

Watch Rithek Speed Run all SSX 3 Snowflakes

Nov 3, 2015 Posted By gondee at 6:59 PM 1039 Views // 2 Replies
Image Speed runner Rithek has started speed running collecting all 425 SSX 3 snowflakes, and the results are pretty awesome! Give him some competition and watch the run after the break.